Special Thanks

Tjoonz.com is my spare-time project since 2008. For a long period it has been mostly a solo operation, but I’d like to take a moment to say “thanks” to a couple of people, who without I wouldn’t have made it so far.

~Marc D.

? Mike Scantland

Not only is he an editor on Tjoonz.com, he also shares his excellent work with all of us under alias Landerz.

Charles ‘King’ Kengen

Charles has been an editor on Tjoonz.com for two years. He is currently pursuing a career in video editing and graphic design. You can find a portfolio of his work at charlesking.nl.

? Rachel A. Sadoff

Rachel has lent her voice for our site tour (in a previous design), giving you clear insights in how Tjoonz.com works.

Dallas Druck

Dallas has been a long-time fan of Tjoonz.com and we know him as a guy who goes great lengths to support us. He has helped us get in touch with some of Canada’s greatest artists, and he’s been showing off Tjoonz merchandise whenever he can. You rock, Dallas. Seriously!

 Mark Panaghiston

The brains behind jPlayer, the jQuery plugin this site uses to power its music player.

My wife

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank my beautiful girlfriend wife Sigrid for letting us boys be boys. Her patience and support has kept me going. I love you, babe