Monday Bassface 4 Zyle

Jan 11, 2011
320 kbps
103 MB
Marc D

Zyle on Monday Bassface 4: Dunno what to say about it, it's a weird mishmash of different things.

On a Tuesday due to unforeseen circumstances involving liquor and possibly other influential substances :P

Dunno what to say about it, it’s a weird mishmash of different things.


  1. Shackles – Halo
  2. Vaski – Murder
  3. Vaski – World on Fire
  4. Emalkay – Frequency Bass
  5. Eprom – Hendt
  6. Rusko – Snes Dub
  7. Excision – Do It Now (feat. Noiz)
  8. Black Sun Empire – Cold Crysis
  9. Benga – Electro Scratch
  10. Robert Miles – Children (ToxiK Remix)
  11. Agent K and Bella – Sierra Leone
  12. Burma – Rocka
  13. Pendulum – Hold Your Colour
  14. Plan B – Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)
  15. The Pixies – Where is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix)

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This mix has 6 comments

  • Zyle said…

    Ya it’s a bit of a wine/champagne induced delay this time, apologies – I can’t mix whilst intoxicated yet! :p

    • Marc D said…

      Take an example of Number9, who seems to mix perfectly on all kinds of illegal substances :D

  • Number9 said…

    ha ha, your too kind. I just like to party when I mix or mix when I party…. One or the other :)

  • Evil Tactician said…

    Good stuff as usual. And yeah, that was a good evening :P

  • Kyle said…

    Yeah, always impressive.

    Thanks for the bass fix.

  • Magnus the Red said…

    Man bassface 3 was amazing and thought you couldnt beat it. There are some pretty amazing songs on this remix good work.

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