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Monday Bassface 3 Zyle

Nov 8, 2010
320 kbps
109 MB
Marc D

Zyle taking out Ableton Live for a ride, and again proves quite able to churn out the phat basslines. Get your Monday bassface on!

Hey guys, this month’s mix comes to you via Ableton Live rather than Virtual DJ; big thanks to Jonny Hopkinson and Marc D for showing me the ropes and getting me started with this software! The result is a mix that is rather more polished than the last one, I hope you’ll all agree! I’m starting things off relatively chilled but don’t be fooled… the filth is just round the corner. Enjoy!


  1. Kromestar – Shokwave
  2. BBE – 7 Days & One Week (Emalkay Remix)
  3. Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zed’s Dead Remix)
  4. Borgore – Foes (16 bit Remix)
  5. Bar 9 – Murda Sound
  6. After Dark – Slaughter Chamber Loyalty
  7. Altimeter – Yout Man
  8. Antiserum – Skullfucked
  9. Datsik – Retreat (Excision Remix)
  10. Cookie Monsta – Frontline
  11. Ganja White Night – Purple Star
  12. Slater & Lime – Creepin’ (Druly Edit)
  13. Hot Mess – Follow Me
  14. Fake Blood – Mars (At Dawn We Rage Remix)
  15. Messiah – Skullcrusher
  16. Subvert – Speaker Humpin’

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This mix has 9 comments

  • Number9 said…

    Seriously enjoyed this, the start of the mix sounds like we swapped places this month. This is your second warning… is face melting from start to finish where as this is more like an Electrodub effort. Wicked.

  • Zyle said…

    Thanks! Yep it’s deffo your influence shining through there! :D

  • Chris said…

    I found my face in Japan.

  • Rachel said…

    Facemelting goodness :D keep it going

  • Number9 said…

    I want that Skullcrusher track where did you get it?

    • Marc D said…

      It’s *possibly* ripped from YouTube, as I don’t think this Messiah guy has a record label. But I may be horribly wrong! =D

  • Zyle said…

    I’ve actually got no idea any more where I got it! Got a dropbox or something I can send it to?

  • Kyle Merkley said…

    I listened to this quite some time ago, but I’m just finding it again. Great mix, Zyle!

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