STFU or GTFO Wick-it

Mar 28, 2011
320 kbps
122 MB
Marc D

Wick-it The Instigator presents "STFU or GTFO (The Greatest Dubstep Mix Ever Made)" - Well I guess it's up to you to decide if he's right about that!

  1. J Vandal – Jump
  2. SRC – Goin’ Out (Swindle Remix)
  3. Kavsrave – The Break Up
  4. Skism – Elixir
  5. Baobinga, Mensah – N.S.G.
  6. Roksonix – Just Jokes
  7. Katy B – Katy On A Mission
  8. Divkid – Tailwhip (M-Force Remix)
  9. Dazed & Confused – RackNRuin (Skism’s Baroque Out Remix)
  10. Twisted – Rock This
  11. Matty G – My 808
  12. Emalkay – Fabrication
  13. Dodge & Fuski – Minus One
  14. The Others, N-Type – Technophobe
  15. Guttstar – Panda Dance
  16. The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Proper Villians Remix)
  17. Guttstar – Turn On
  18. The Heavy – How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix)
  19. Jay 5ive & Kromestar – Bass 96
  20. Kito – LFO (ft. Reija Lee)
  21. Dream – Wicked Man
  22. Metaphase – Ghettoblaster

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This mix has 8 comments

  • justin said…

    this mix IS the best dubstep mix ever made hahaha
    i love this mix, very well organized , the songs just flow so well together soooo fresh, downloaded it in the first ten minutes of the track! haha but where is the mini bio on your track!? i wana read what you think about it lol

  • astamicu said…

    awesome. i love it :D

  • CoCow! said…

    I think you don’t mind if I play this song @ my party, it’s going to blast their dubvirgin heads off POW

  • thecoopmysta said…

    Yes i really like this, this really does seem fresh like iv hurd nothing like it befor and i really like it, it could have been becaus i was a bit high but idk still awesome track im going to recomend at this at a school dance and iv been blowing this shit up at school im getting people into it, it feels good:)

  • Magnus the Red said…

    Definatly worth grabbinb. My favorite mix right now. Great job man.

  • Jericho said…

    This mix is fukn baller

  • word^ said…

    dope nashville word^

  • DubStepOffMeBro said…

    sick mixxx so0o0o0nNnNnNnNn

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