Bestival DJ Competition Mix Vectors Lab

May 24, 2011
246 kbps
39 MB
Marc D

Download Vectors Lab - Bestival DJ Competition Mix and many more explosive drum n bass mixes at!

Just a bit of Bestival fun with two decks and two sample decks run through a large midi keyboard, endless amusement :)

~Vectors Lab

  1. Paradox – The Unspoken Devide (remix)
  2. Serum – Dub Dread
  3. Phetsta – Blur
  4. Axewound – Tomahawk
  5. Reso – War Machine
  6. Coco Bryce – Heavy
  7. Skrillex – Ruffneck Bass
  8. Exile and John B – Broken Language (Exile Mix)
  9. Hilltop Hoods – The Nosebleed Section

Good luck everyone, see you at Bestival one way or another :D

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  • [) ]_[ []3 E> said…

    hehe subliminal

  • Silk Montel said…

    How did you place in this contest?

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