Vibe Lounge LA Podcast Ep. 8 Trentino

Aug 31, 2015
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It's long over due for a Trentino mix on Tjoonz. This guy is one of the best in the world and proves it every year at the Red Bull Thre3style. Trentino uses every trick in the DJ book and then some, playing this ever growing sub genre of house simply known as bass house.

Here at The Vibe Lounge LA, we have Trentino in the dizzy! Tonight it’s all about that ITCH THAT YOU NEED SCRATCHED!!!!

Trentino is doing it right! Bangin’ out these beats with his SCRATCHASTIC FLARE! You are about to feel the heat! This boy has been working his way around the globe. From CHICAGO to BEIJING, Trentino has been breaking though the house scene. In 2013 he took the Thre3style challenge by a storm winning Red Bull Thre3style US Champion! He didn’t stop there. He’s been touring and dropping is musical madness in Stuttgart (Germany) and Zurich ( (Switzerland) as well. Returning from Lallapalooza 2015 in July, he was finally able to come chill at The Vibe Lounge LA and drop a mix for us!

Trentino scratched his way through this mix with grace and laying down his HOT NEW REVISIONS. VBLA favs are LUPE FIASCO – KICK, PUSH (∆ trentino ∇ & Mop Top revision) and SHLOMI LEVI & SUISS and STEVE OMEN f. VIVA – SMFF (∆ trentino ∇ revision). A special note to ZHANE – HEY MR. DJ (TRENTINO and MARC ADAMS REVISION). This track will be on the scene in the upcoming weeks. We’ll def. have more info. here at VBLA.

~The Vibe Lounge

Sorry no tracklisting available for this mix at this time. Check back later.

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