The Nocturnal Wondermix ThismeansWAR!

May 1, 2013
160 kbps
60 MB
Marc D

So, this was initially my submission for the Insomniac / Mixcloud-competition that just came and went. I didn’t have enough time to make the deadline, but screw ’em. I’ll play at Nocturnal Wonderland some other time. Cocky? Yes. True? Yes. Instead of wasting the mix on a competition that never worked out I felt that it was too sweet for euthanasia and instead deserved to have a go at your eardrums. So here ya go: A bite-sized chunk of awesome that will make your heart beat 174 times per minute. Per request of some of the producers this one’s not available for download, but most of the tracks are available at your local smutpeddler.

For the geeks out there – this was performed live on a Novation Launchpad with Ableton Live in three stitched parts. I’ve done some mastering after the fact, fixing fade envelopes and levels in general. There are no effects applied whatsoever to any transitions or tracks – the ones you hear are in the tunes. Global quantization is set to 1/8, and I’ve processed the whole shebang in PE before uploading.


  1. Slogun – Like This
  2. Casket – Put It Down (Hugs & Drugs Remix)
  3. Erb n Dub & L Plus – Replica
  4. TC – Tap Ho
  5. Erb n Dub – Alaska (VIP)
  6. MitiS – Shapes & Sizes
  7. Afro Whitey – Ridin (Specimen A & James D’lay Remix)
  8. Freestylers & Erb n Dub – Bounce To This
  9. Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down (Sigma Remix)
  10. Queen – Rock You (DevinMartinMusic Tribute)
  11. Alexandre (Official) – Power Unlimited
  12. High Contrast – The Agony & The Ecstacy
  13. Chase & Status – Hitz (Delta Heavy Remix)
  14. Bare Noize & Zardonic – Kill The Silence
  15. Dr Roman – Stick To The Track
  16. TC – Burning Starlight (Digital:twist Remix)
  17. The Thomas Oliver Band – Baby I’ll Play (TREi Remix)
  18. Skepta – Hold On (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
  19. Sigma HQ – Loving Me (Filthy Edit)
  20. AlexanderOdden – Pressure Cooker
  21. Future Prophecies – Dreadlock (Vocal Mix feat. MC Soultrain)
  22. Emalkay & Rod Azlan – Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix)
  23. Camo & Krooked – Far Away
  24. Kelis – Caught Out There

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  • drako660 said…

    no comments? wow. well your one of my fave five artists i love to get mix’s from. just recently found this one xD but yeah keep up the good work.

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