I Only Dub To Fuckstep Vol. 4 ThismeansWAR!

May 21, 2013
160 kbps
95 MB
Marc D

Another warm, wet episode of I Only Dub To Fuckstep by ThismeansWAR! Stay safe, and go make some sweet dubstep lovin' !

Sup gang? Look who’s finally gotten his shit together and released a proper dubstep mixtape again…. I’ve been hard on the drum & bass bag lately as some might have noticed. The big difference this time around is that I’ve succumbed to peer pressure and made this available for download over at my Facebook-page (www.facebook.com/bassmisbruker). There’s so much awesome going on in my life right now and I want to include you in it, but I feel that Soundcloud isn’t the place. So come on over to Facebook, let’s hook up and I’ll tell you all about the awesomesauce. If you choose to like it, there’s two freebie goodies up for download – this mix as well as my previous one “The Nocturnal Wondermix” finally made available.

Stay safe, and go make some sweet dubstep lovin’ !


  1. Evol Intent – Under (Bro Safari Remix)
  2. Lazy Rich ft. Belle Humble – The Chase (Habstrakt Remix)
  3. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Millions Like Us Remix)
  4. Red Mob Official & HK Fifty-One – Burial
  5. Kokia – With Reflection (Captain Panic! Remix)
  6. 501 – Falling Skies
  7. Safra – WTF
  8. 501 – Headrush
  9. Arion – Elements of Sanity
  10. Jomekka – Bugatti Enginez
  11. Jomekka – Mega Bite
  12. 501 – Chasing Stars
  13. Killa Graham – Silence
  14. Luciana – Yeah Yeah (Inofaith Cup-B Remix)
  15. Jomekka – Da Law Did
  16. Point.Blank – Original
  17. Gareth Emery – Tokyo (Captain Panic! Bootleg)
  18. Plan B – She Said (16bit Remix)
  19. VirusSyndicate & SKisM – Like This
  20. Jahdan Blakkamoore & Jumpshot – Headstrong
  21. Vexare – The Clockmaker
  22. Acid Paradox ft. Nori – Cthulhu (CTwo Remix)
  23. NumberNin6 – The River
  24. Xilent – Choose Me II (Syrebral Remix)
  25. Protohype – Break It Down (KhemehK Remix)
  26. Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion & Nero Remix)
  27. Sia – Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix)

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  • ThismeansWAR! said…

    Thanks, hearing that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

  • bostb said…

    Damn man I got this blasting the bass is rumbling you did a fucking great job with this, love the way it flows from track to track! Happy Saturday indeed the neighbors are just going to have to get over it lol……

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