ThismeansWAR! - I Only Dub To Fuckstep Vol. 2 |

I Only Dub To Fuckstep Vol. 2 ThismeansWAR!

May 5, 2013
160 kbps
91 MB
Marc D

The second installment in the mixtape-series that lets you bump uglies in style. The NSFW goes without saying.

The second installment in the mixtape-series that lets you bump uglies in style. It’s been curated by the good folks behind, make sure you go visit for some sweet skin and some sick sounds. The NSFW goes without saying. Now what are you waiting for? Go make dubstep babies! Viking løøøv from your pal Thismeanswar!

A special thanks to my most enthusiastic listeners (in order of enthusiasm): Jerim Nikko Cruz, Karvo, Viktor Larsson, Dwy, Deltasquad10804, te514 BAM, Lynxmb, Pures, dubSteph, Platti, Hazmat0x90, Prel, Scot-Yobst, Crescent Eagle, Knofle, Shannonlasell, Pothol8000, Hidpehix, KunX, turtleluv, Compl3t3, Nugg3ts, Piebro, Trip, WPP, Scarpitch, Lasse Strand Ringvold, Oriyn and Alliha. I <3 all of you!


  1. Skeptiks – Without A Name
  2. Torqux & Twist – Burning Up
  3. Tankman – What a Day
  4. Sofi and Millions Like Us – Broken Souvenirs (Extended Mix)
  5. Place 2B & 2sides – The Game (Feat. Paimon)
  6. 12th Planet & Badness – Who Are We feat. Honey
  7. Ephixa – Division
  8. 501 – Borderline
  9. Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Fytch Remix)
  10. Koan Sound – Blue Stripes
  11. Arkasia – Hope(less)
  12. Savant – Make You Dream
  13. 12th Planet – Corner Pocket
  14. RacknRuin – Righteous (ATG True Tiger Instrumental Mix)
  15. The Unik – Gazoline (Niveau Zero Dubstep Remix)
  16. Skeptiks – Cobwebs
  17. Delta Heavy – Hold Me
  18. Savant – Ocarine
  19. Porter Robinson – The State
  20. Arkasia – Pandemonium
  21. Place2be & 2sides – Enigma feat. Paimon
  22. Mitis – Written Emotions

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