Villa Mixtape Episode 3 The Dubs Of Hazard, Bofia

Apr 18, 2012
320 kbps
140 MB

The Dubs Of Hazard's Villa Mixtape Series Episode 3 has arrived! A serious banger for every Dubstep enthousiast! Mixed by Bofia!!!

Here’s the third episode of my “Villa Mixtape Series”! This time it’s my boy Bofia who’s on the decks! Simply mental!!

~The Dubs Of Hazard


Coming from Vila Nova de Gaia, Bófia invaded the portuguese musical spectrum, with sounds of a cannibal hollocaust thirsty to devour the putridity of an increasingly faded and hollow society.Breathing hip hop and hardcore`s reallity, since his childhood, he blends all his influences into a very unique style, wihout any pre-conceived musical rules or ideas.
Bofia already shared the stage with Dubstep international artists, such as: 16 Bit, 1-Way, Borgore, Bare, Balkansky, Cooki Monsta, Coki, Captain Crunch, Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Pixel Fist, Randomer, Sluggo, Slum Dogsz or Tomba.

All the blood, sweat and tears that he puts into djiing took his talent beyond borders, attracting the attention of the UK based label Dubzilla, who signed him as resident dj.

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  1. Joker – The Vision (Let Me Breathe)
  2. Nero – Crush on you (Killsonik remix)
  3. Candyland – Prelude
  4. Celldweller – Louder than words (Bare remix)
  5. Datsik – Overdose
  6. Defkline & Red Polo – I still love your boots (Sonwah Fresh remix)
  7. Dj Fresh – Fight
  8. Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon
  9. Downlink – Crippled Camel
  10. Downlink – Reploid (Document One remix)
  11. Tatu – Not gonna get us (Liquid Stranger remix)
  12. Shakes – Lullaby (SPL remix)
  13. 16 Bit – Boston Cream (Original mix)
  14. Zomboy – Pirate Hooker
  15. Dubsidea & Save the rave – Discrepo (Original mix)
  16. Rusko – Somebody to love (Skream remix)
  17. Zeds Dead – Rumble in the jungle
  18. Boy Kid Cloud & Messinian – Contraband
  19. We Are Scientists – Ghouls (Tha New Team remix)
  20. Borgore vs Dev – Kiss my lips
  21. Tomba – Jaws
  22. Downlink – Factory (Liquid Stranger remix)
  23. Evol Intent – Hollow Earth
  24. Bassnectar – Upside down (radio edit)
  25. Subshock – Back up (Original mix)
  26. Biometrix – Behind Enemy Lines
  27. Zeds Dead – Unda Yuh Skirt (feat. Mavado)

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This mix has 13 comments

  • Dark Vader said…

    im speechless

  • oblivinatti said…

    Not even kidding, I am as well.. Fucking epic!

  • bostb said…

    This is my 11th anniv for my job and you just made my day!!! The Villa is no joke!!! Very Impressed!!! I have it cranked proper!!

  • The dubs of hazard said…

    I’m glad u’re all feelin’ this “villa mixtape series”. Next episode will soon be ready ;)

  • xXCOD117Xx said…

    wow damn man u never fail to raise ur bar with every mix u do i gotta question to anyone whose open to respond i wanna start doin mixes ive started before and am goin along slowley though cuz of my school im in the IB program but would like opinions before i start posting (soundcloud) ill get eaten up on here esspecially by DUBS OF HAZARD :P but would like ppl to listen to my work and crituque me ive not got equipment its all done on my friends and my phone im just small time and learning but would love any feed back please send me a message if ur intrested @ ( and DUBS if u see this not tryin to sound like a weirdo but i would love to get ur opinion like i said ur def my fav i love all of ur mixes and it would mean alot. Thx in advanced

  • CK. said…

    @COD117 best thing u can do is add us on Facebook ( all the DJ’s we know hang around there…

  • HappyVerginaDamage said…

    Had to turn up the bass… Props for ‘tomba-jaws’

  • djluilu said…

    jizzed a little

  • Wes said…

    this mixtape really is what all you guys said. Freakin owned the ENTIRE way thru. Amazing double drops and samples

  • Wes said…

    links to other villa series?

  • CK. said…

    @Wes U can click the tag underneath the tracklist… it has this link:

    Have fun!

  • The dubs of hazard said…

    Btw, for all the portuguese listeners, we’re throwing a big “Villa Series Pary” next month at Oporto, my boy Bofia will be playin’ ;) U’re all invited.
    For all the others, i’m planning some new (big) collaborations for the next Villa Mixapes. U just got to wait ;)

  • Dr. Acula said…

    Absolutely SOLID mix!

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