The Dubs Of Hazard’s Villa Mixtape Series Episode 2 F2U, The Dubs Of Hazard

Apr 14, 2012
320 kbps
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The first of the Villa Mixtape's that is not mixed by The Dubs Of Hazard himself! Nope, this time he asked his friends from F2U! Give a listen to Episode 2.

 Do you remember my “Drumstep Villa” mix? That was just the first episode of this “Villa Mixtape Series” that i’m doing with some other djs of all genres. The episode 2 is out, it’s mixed by F2U, and yup, it’s a banger!!

~The Dubs Of Hazard


The concept of the duo F2U is a fusion of alternative styles such as Electro/Maximal with a strong Techno influence, not forgetting some Dubstep/Breaks wich main concern is to surprise and innovate.

F2U have already played live with artists like The Subs (BEL), Huoratron (FIN), Motor (UK), Haezer (RSA), Congorock (IT), Calvertron (UK), Hostage (SCO), Belzebass (IT), Pelussje (IT), Mr Skelekton (USA), Rob de Large (SWE), Dj Manaia, Drop Top, Animal Prints, Electro Domestic, Gallak, Brain Damage, Lés Concrete, Bitsound, Beatbender and Electro Junkie among others, and have already released originals and remix’s on many labels from Europe and USA.

F2U also host their weekly radioshow on Housebox Radio, The X-Days Radioshow on Wednesdays, where you can listen a live Dj set from them and exclusive mixtapes from guests.

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  1. Shadow Dancer – Catmoves
  2. Australia – Chopper
  3. Polymath – Rob The Turbine
  4. The Presets – My People(Dim Remix)
  5. TAI – At The Disco (Ado Remix)
  6. Clouds – Future Blaster
  7. Arveene & Misk – Love Money Music Body feat Aaron Smyth (Polymath Dub)
  8. Shadow Dancer – Silver
  9. Das Glow and Strip Steve – Snake Abs
  10. Les Petit Pilous – Analphabet
  11. Franz and Shape – Acid One (Snuff Crew Vocal Remix)
  12. The Hacker – Shockwave
  13. Robotman – Do Da Doo’ (Plastikman’s Acid House Remix)

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