King of Thugstep Stylust Beats

Apr 10, 2011
320 kbps
97 MB
Marc D

This guy has been pumping out beats non-stop, and now he rewards us with a mixtape. Stylust Beats sells these at his shows, but now you can score this fix for free!

Side A

  1. Plan B – She Said (16Bit Remix)
  2. Heroes+Villains ft. FKi-Smashmouth vs Animale (Datsik Dubstep Remix)
  3. T.I. vs Doctor P-U Know How We Ball (Stylust Beats Mashup)
  4. Bassnectar vs Shaun Boothe-Poor Boy (Stylust Beats Mashup)
  5. Evol Intent – Paradize City
  6. Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Specimen A Remix)
  7. Doe or Die – Do You Wanna Ride (Stylust Dubstep Remix)
  8. Freesol – Dont Give it Away (Stylust Dubstep Remix)
  9. Zeds Dead – Out For Blood Ft. Omar Linx
  10. Outkast – Bomb’s Over Baghdad (Stylust Beats/Love and Light Remix)
  11. UGK ft 8ball and MJG vs Flux Pavillion – Stay Fly (Stylust Beats Mashup)
  12. Marco Del Horno vs DJ Swerve – Ho Riddim (feat. P Money)
  13. Emotionz/Stylust Beats – Thundersounds

Side B

  1. Davip/Encode – Vamanos Original Mix (Intro)
  2. Bassnectar – Hot Right Now (Bassnectar Remix)
  3. Plan B – Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)
  4. Too Short – Blow the whistle Mashup
  5. Wiz Kalifa vs Datsik – Black and Yellow (Mr. Gray dubstep edit)
  6. Kanye West – Runaway (Stylust Beats Remix)
  7. Mattafix – Big City Life (Stylust Beats Remix)
  8. Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire Drumstep Remix)
  9. Camo & Krooked – Bounce (ft Nemesis)

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This mix has 10 comments

  • red.monkey420 said…

    sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk…my eras bledd

  • kdubious said…

    fucking awesome mix!!!! only thing is some of the mashups the vocals and the beats are competing for the same sound space. still fucking great tho

  • eecs said…

    sick mix, great track selection and good transitions. But i agree with kdubious some of the vocals are simple over powered by the dankness of the dubstep

  • Marc D said…

    I guess that’s why it’s so hard to mix male vocals with dubstep. Female vocals generally sound more like riding the basslines instead of sitting right in between them. But you gotta give Stylust Beats some props for making something great out of it anyways!

  • stab master arson said…

    yeowww i hear what you’re saying about the vocals and the dub bass lines. I didnt notice it cuz i dont have an ear for that shit but now that you point it out i hear it.

    regardless this mix, ill gates and a skillz are the only things on my stereo right now hah. this is soooo dope. stylust kills it, awesome guy too, super cool.

  • Foulchusky said…

    Really great mix!

  • DubDoctor said…

    its nice to bring hip hop and rap into dubstep, it throws a different vibe towards the crowd. and with the beats and vocals i found it was quite good after i did a little equlizer tuning. Great job though man thats some killa thugstep

  • zachh said…

    noooo way you started how with the PLAN B SHE SAID! sooooooo dope

  • JBW said…

    Fucking filthy ass dub.

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