I Will Have A Quickie Stiffy

Oct 22, 2011
320 kbps
94 MB
Marc D

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  1. Ashton Robbins – You Are The One
  2. Jeff Daniels, Tonye Aganaba – Tell You Why
  3. Skepta feat. N Dubz – So Alive (Document One Remix)
  4. Hollie G, Eddie K, Millions Like Us – Black Widow
  5. Gemini – Vision
  6. Roksonix – Music In Me
  7. Caspa – Sir Rock Alot
  8. Skream – Snarled
  9. Dream – Go Hard
  10. Dark Elixir – Headslung
  11. Brown and Gammon – Blow My Mind
  12. Subscape – Cadillac Jack
  13. Mord Fustang – The Electro Dream (Charlie Darker Remix)
  14. Fuzzy Logic, Jada Pearl – All My Love (Xilent Remix)
  15. Psyman – Drama (Mojo Remix)
  16. Monkey – Ethnic
  17. Dub Zero – Murda
  18. Ricco Tubbs – Feel It (Boy Kid Cloud Remix)
  19. Lazy Rich, Belle Humble – The Chase (Callum B Remix)
  20. Mord Fustang – The New World
  21. Gemini – Feel Me
  22. Sebastian, Mayer Hawthorne – Love In Motion (Skrillex Remix)
  23. Nenne Yvonne – Go Around (Coastill Remix)

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This mix has 4 comments

  • the dubs of hazard said…

    pretty cool mixtape bro! nice tracks u got there!

  • Dirty Flirt said…

    Once again… BOOOM!!! As expected, what a dope mix bruvva!!! Keep’m comin! BOUNCE!!!!!!

  • stiffy said…

    The first song was a duplate but ashton gave me a 256 then gave me the mastered version the next day sorry fir the sound quality but he is super good if anyone wants his tracks just PM me at jjstift@gmail.com he is one too watch out for. I played this set when I played with Helicopter Showdown but now im playing more electro now because promoters arnt booking my dubstep soooooo check my new electro stuff out it is very DUB influenced. Thanks once again this is just a goofy mix lots of female vocals

  • N-GAUGE said…

    Nice mix bro.. I’m fixing to drop a dirty mix myself mwahahah

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