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Live At DISTRIKT 2014 Simon Shackleton

Jun 9, 2015
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Simon Shackleton, AKA Elite Force, put on a great show last year at DISTRIKT and has become a Burning Man favorite for good reason.

There is nothing in the world quite like closing a perfect day on the Playa with a Sunset set at DISTRIKT. This year the whole team worked tirelessly to create a brand new stage set, and the view from the booth as the sun set over the Man, casting its orange glow onto the distant mountains, was simply breathtaking. As you dance your way through the crowd at Distrikt, you’ll see every single person wearing a beaming smile from ear to ear (and not much else). It’s the epitome of love on the dancefloor – everyone is, quite literally, having THE time of their lives.

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~Simon Shackleton

  1. Underworld, Leftfield, D Ramirez, Zoo Brazil – Selected SmokeBelch Cowgirl – INTRO
  2. DJ Chus, Sonny Wharton – Runnin’ (SS Edit)
  3. DJ Anna – Keep Going (Original Mix)
  4. Gaga – Savage (Original Mix)
  5. Uto Karem – Utopolys (SS Edit)
  6. Sam Paganini – Polyester (SS Edit)
  7. Siwell – Reshuffle (Original Mix) [1605]
  8. Ladies On Mars – Boom (Original Mix)
  9. Abe Duque, Virginia – Following My Heart (Oliver Huntemann Remix) (SS Edit)
  10. Mike Hulme – Curiosity (Simon Shackleton Mix) (SS Edit)
  11. Hardfloor – Acperience1 (Simon Shackleton 2014 Re-Fix)
  12. F+S – Acid One (Snuff Crew) (SS Edit)
  13. Dylan Rhymes – I am Sweet (Hyperion remix aka The Loops of Fury)
  14. Pete Griffiths feat. Cevin Fisher – Chicago (Federico Scavo Remix)
  15. Jay Lumen – Positive Viewpoint (SS Edit)
  16. Simon Shackleton & Friends – Where’s Your DOTBOMB At?
  17. Slam – Positive Education – Fergie’s Just For Pressure Mix
  18. Massive Attack, Elite Force, D-Nox, Beckers – Little Angels Finyl (Edit)
  19. Leftfield, Ritch, Fatboy, Force – Life Soul Brother 2013 (Edit)
  20. Elite Force, Beatles – The Beatles Bazaar
  21. Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Afrojack Vs Elite Force Edit)
  22. Magitman – Demolition (SS Edit)
  23. Simon Shackleton & Friends – Born Slippy 2014
  24. Kaiserdisco – La Caballa (SS Edit)
  25. Hollen – Electrocution (SS Edit)
  26. Taras Van De Voorde – Chasing Winters (SS Edit)
  27. Cirez D, Acki Kokotos, Ten Walls – Mongol Madness (Simon Shackleton Mashup)
  28. Harvard Bass – Drum Major (SS Edit)
  29. Elite Force & Friends – Back2Back VoiceMachine
  30. Simon Shackleton – Bet It All (Edit)
  31. John Acquaviva, Simon Doty – Say What (Original Mix)
  32. Mr. Bizz – This Is The Time (Original Mix)
  33. Olav Basoski – French Kiss (Original Mix)
  34. Muir, Digweed, Guy J – Trezzz (SS Edit)
  35. Dosem – Become One (SS Edit)
  36. Tim Deluxe – Transformation (DJ Hell Remix)
  37. Thomas Schumacher – Fangbanger (Original)
  38. Elite Force & Friends – Reel Kraken Revolution (Mix2)
  39. Acid Arab – Theme (SS Edit)
  40. Jagwar Ma – Come & Save Me (Short Edit + Time)
  41. MANDY & BookaShade – Home
  42. Boss Axis – Challenger (Alle Farben Remix)
  43. Cosmic Cowboys – Zero Gravity Love (Mathias Meyer & Patlac Mix) (SS Edit)
  44. Cinematic Orchestra – Home (Simon Shackleton Revamp)

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