Live @ Shambhala 2011 Ben Samples

Oct 29, 2011
192 kbps
83 MB
Marc D

Live recording of Ben Samples' set at the Ewok Village at Shambhala Music Festival 2011 in Nelson, BC. Raw, high-energy dance party recorded straight from the mixing board!

Live recording of my set at the Ewok Village this year at Shambhala Music Festival in Nelson, BC. Hope you guys enjoy, it isnt a polished mixed set, its a raw, high-energy dance party recorded from the mixing board

~Ben Samples

  1. Samples – Limitless [Unreleased]
  2. Samples – Down to Business [Unreleased]
  3. Samples – Slap [Unreleased]
  4. Kansas – Carry On (Samples Remix)
  5. Kraddy – Into the Labyrinth (Samples Remix) vs Ludacris
  6. Samples – Lets Get Dirty
  7. DJ Khaled – Get Buck clip
  8. Samples – Boss
  9. Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of (Samples Remix)
  10. Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (Samples Remix)
  11. Samples – Capture the Flag [Unreleased]
  12. Mochipet – The Battle of Dinotropolis (ft Samples)
  13. Samples – Basscraft vs Ying Yang Twins [Unreleased]
  14. Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Alex Metric Remix)
  15. Samples – Ready or Not (Callback Drop)
  16. Samples – Onyx [Unreleased]
  17. Samples – Drop Bombs
  18. Samples – Return of the Mack
  19. AC/DC – Back in Black (Samples Remix)
  20. Samples – Bred2Party [Unreleased]
  21. Subvert – Speaker Humpin (Samples Remix)
  22. Bon Jovi – Shot through the Heart (Samples Remix)
  23. Samples – Pharway
  24. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (Samples Remix)
  25. Samples – Feature Length [Unreleased]
  26. Justice – Stress (Samples Remix)

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  • ASAS (@ASongAStory) said…

    Dang, Samples is good!!
    Check out my taste in dubstep here – [removed]
    Please do check it out!
    DUBSTEP FTW!!!!!

  • Marc D said…

    Hi ASAS, I removed the website you linked in both your name and your comments, as your advertisements contain malware.

  • DubstepFreax said…

    Truely somebody that we will get to hear and feel alot more in the near future!

  • Dirk said…

    Why would you need other dubstep sites when you got Tjoonz… Anyway, aaaawesome mix.

  • Marz said…

    I just pooped

  • Darkrai said…

    Very epic… nuff said ;D

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