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2012 Mix PurpleX

Apr 23, 2012
192 kbps
86 MB

Have a listen to the latest Dubstep Mix of PurpleX. Visit Tjoonz.com for your daily low-frequency fix!

  1. Mantis – The Spread
  2. Tremourz ft JRabbit – Sexy Party (Terravita Remix)
  3. Excision and Datsik vs Liquid Stranger – Swagga with my Grandma
  4. Excision and Datsik – Swagga
  5. Liquid Stranger – Carnival of the Damned (PuRpL3X Remix)
  6. Figure – This is Halloween (Drumstep)
  7. Figure – Super Mega Death Ray
  8. Cyberoptics – Distress Signal (PuRpL3X Remix)
  9. Figure – Dirty Damage
  10. Apex – Nowhere to Run (Excision and Datsik remix)
  11. Excision – Existence Liquid Stranger – Ripple VIP (PuRpL3X Remix)
  12. Datsik – Southpaw
  13. Excision – Brutal
  14. Downlink – BioHazard
  15. Obsidia – Android
  16. Skrillex – Weekends
  17. Bassnectar – Upside Down
  18. Skrillex – Bangarang
  19. Skrillex – Equinox (first of the year)
  20. Skrillex – Ruffneck Bass
  21. Excision – Nintendo
  22. Excision ft Messinian – X Rated (Many More Remix)
  23. Skism – Rave Review
  24. Bassnectar – The Matrix

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This mix has 18 comments

  • Murmel said…

    almost 4 skrillex songs in a row? what happened? you should try and find more underground artists, they also make some awesome dub, this just sounds like a recap of what happened the past year.

  • darkrai said…

    If you even think of using skrillex in a mix… Just don’t… And with that overused pic as the album cover? REALLY?!

  • Chad_ said…

    1/10 (album cover and using skrillex lost you major points).

  • CK. said…

    Hello guys, Thank u all for your feedback! It’s appreciated alot. And ofcourse Marc and me allways try to screen mixes as good as possible!

    The fact that u listen so criticly is good for us to see! And means we have a very healthy community we are thankfull about that. Some mixes are better than others and we try to allways bring u the best of the best!

  • The dubs of hazard said…

    I’m not gonna talk about how many skrillex tracks u used (personally i don’t like him either, but he’s got millions of fans, so i can understand why u did it) and i’m certainly not going to criticize the artwork, cause not everybody needs to be a photoshop pro, but u really should working on the basics. There’s no beatmatch, no eq… it’s terrible man….

  • Djpurplex said…

    i will remake this mix with more artists and no skrillex with better transitions

  • RadioRaptor said…

    its not the fact you have skrillex so much as you follow hiim with more skrillex along with other artists like excision. Its a mix because I want to hear a mix, not hear album by album. MIX it up.

  • CK. said…

    @Purplex… last thing U want to do is do what other people tell U to do. You are a DJ you are supposed to have your own sound and feel and touch to the mixes U make.

    If U can’t bring something like that into a mix, you are maybe not a DJ but just a music nutter… and should stick to your job…. (I’m no DJ hence to this reason… and the fact I never gave it a proper try)

  • Aesthetik said…

    Hey guys…Skrillex sure is overplayed but i respect him alot as a producer, using one or two of his songs in your mix is fine but that goes to say using 4 songs in a row of the same artist wether it be skrillex or someone underground fucks with your flow and is unoriginal

  • breejammet said…

    It’s pretty legit…downloading it.

  • djluilu said…

    I’ve had enough of haters! Mix on brother.

  • Djpurplex said…

    ya thnx bro i will

  • Kyle Carlson said…

    This is sick as fuck

  • Kyle Carlson said…

    yaaa doggggg

  • jordan41 said…

    Pretty Nice! if you do another, a great mix would be One Trick Pony (Deadmau5) and Sandstorm (Darude) into Tourniquet (Knife Party)

  • Djpurplex said…

    Thnx Bro I might put those in my next mix Coming some time in a couple weeks or so-DJPuRpL3><

  • Djpurplex said…

    http://soundcloud.com/djpurplex/h8terz-dubstep-mix-preview GO HERE TO SEE MY UPCOMING MIX NO DISAPPOINTING STUFF HERE!!!!

  • jack7221 said…

    dont know what these haterz bitchin about! that was a filthy mix

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