Enjoi The Yoi Vol. 3 PoundPoundPound

Jan 25, 2012
192 kbps
45 MB

### (PoundPoundPound) brings U their third dubstep mix, ENJOY THE YOI. Stay Tjooned for more Electro, House and Dubstep Mixes!

  1. Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)
  2. Avicii – ID
  3. Chuckie – Who is Ready to Jump (Dillon Francis Remix)
  4. Knife Party – Fire Hive (Original Mix)
  5. Foreign Beggers ft Flux Pavillion – Jump Back (Original Mix)
  6. Kaskade – Eyes ft Mindy Gledhill (Alvin Risk Remix)
  7. Doctor P – Big Boss (Original Mix)
  8. Sub Focus ft Kenzie May – Falling Down (Original Mix)
  9. Nero – Crush On You (Kill Sonic Remix)
  10. Skrillex – Right In (Original Mix)
  11. Tonks – Portal (Original Mix)
  12. Tom Ismag – The Portal (Original Mix)
  13. Flux Pavillion ft Foreign Beggars – Lines in the Wax (Original Mix)
  14. Zed’s Dead ft The Killabits – Bassmentallity (Original Mix)
  15. Dan Sena – Song of Siren (Dirtyphonics Remix)

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This mix has 19 comments

  • NoxiousNate said…

    Dude….. Thats was fucking GREAT. Good shit

  • Jeremy from ### said…

    Hey thanks again for the support! we love to hear from you! http://www.soundcloud.com/poundit check us out for more music!

  • CK. said…

    If u liked it so much, I hope u pressed the heart ;)

    I sure as hell did!!

  • Jeremy from ### said…

    CKs is the man!

  • caustic said…

    Big mix!

  • thrashcan said…

    like a drug within itself. beautiful mix man.

  • ukdubstar said…

    so fresh and so clean clean u guys need to come do a show in the UK!!

  • jeremy from ### said…

    ukdubstar id be down brother. send it out and and get back to me!
    http://www.soundcloud.com/poundit for more shit!

  • Yowler said…

    pleasepleaseplease come to Denver. Your mixes are incredible. Just yesterday I was hoping to hear more of Knife Party’s Fire Hive on someone’s mix, and here it is. I have this one on repeat right now!

  • Jeremy Rhodes said…

    @yowler hey thanks so much man. We really appreciate it! If there’s some events to book us this year, contribute. We hope to be on the road a lot this year! I’ll give you our info if you want.
    http://www.soundcloud.com/poundit for more music! Inbox us on the cloud! Take care

  • Yowler said…

    Thanks so much. I’ll be listening for sure! If you ever play a show out here, I want to paint to your set! I’m a visionary painter and always, always paint to dub step. :-) Keep up the great work

  • Newton said…

    Filthy mix. I’ve downloaded all 3 volumes of enjoi the yoi, I have this one on repeat basically. Lol. Good shit for real, props.

  • Newton said…

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, I LOVED the Nero crossover to Skrillex, that’s like my favorite part of the entire mix, disgusting. I actually looked for that on youtube but realized it was just a result of this incredible mix!

  • Jeremy from ### said…

    lol that’s so awesome to hear somebody say that! Really appreciate the feedback Newton! hit up our soundcloud if you want everything we are doing! http://www.soundcloud.com/poundit keep in touch my friend!

  • gator g boy said…

    i love your mixes i have all three i have enjoyed the yoi. keep it coming :)

  • Jeremy from ### said…

    hell yeah Gator G! add us on soundcloud if you haven’t already! where are you from man?

  • gator g boy said…

    hahaha man im representing that south florida beach life bro and ill make sure check out your sound cloud

  • djluilu said…

    sick shit, even better is that you responded to your listeners, keep pounding it

  • Jeremy Rhodes said…

    um definately djluilu! I mean if there is anything that the scene lacks is just being able to really take the time to thank people for even making the decision to listen to what you make let alone comment on it! I try to check on it as much as possible with all the other sources we send it to. you guys are the shit.

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