Welcome to Cloud9 Number9

Apr 16, 2012
320 kbps
114 MB
Marc D

Number9 is sending you straight to heaven with this one! Welcome to Cloud9 is mixed in typical 9-style: deep, vocal and ends with a bang!

I wanted to do something a bit different with this mix, lots of deep rolling bass, female vocals and plenty of wobble building up to a crunchy banging sting in the tail. Njoy!


  1. Breakage – Strumpet
  2. Search & Destroy – The Knowledge (Untold Remix)
  3. Numbernin6 – Nebulous
  4. MRK1 – Home
  5. Borgore – Got To Bed (VIP Remix)
  6. Excission & Savvy – Sleepless
  7. Rob Sparx – Stroller
  8. Cutline – Let Me Go
  9. Orbatek – Machete
  10. Statelapse – Apocalypse
  11. Dirt Monkey – HeadSkank
  12. Kannamix – Suburn
  13. Arkasia – Destiny
  14. Lee Mortimer – Superman (Ajpai Remix)
  15. Loop Stepwalker – Therapy
  16. Matt Jamison & Steed Watt – U Got Me (Kannamix Remix)
  17. Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Number9 Remix)
  18. Zeds Dead – Adrenaline

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This mix has 8 comments

  • Tony Schultz said…

    Lol you arent talking about that cloud9 incense shit now are ya? That fake bake crap is soo bad.

  • djbigtime said…


  • Number9 said…


  • Rex Abyssus said…

    No he isn’t Tony; ‘Cloud Nine’ is more commonly an expression. Ex: “Floating on cloud nine.” meaning you feel fuggin great like you’re in heaven!

  • Number9 said…

    Making this mix was heavenly for me ;)

  • Tony Schultz said…

    Never heard it in used that way. Only time I saw cloud9 is that stupid incense in the smoke shops.

  • MigT said…

    Loved it :)

  • Number9 said…

    Thanks MigT, working on the Tjoonz 4th Birthday mix currently. Its scarily banging!!

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