I’m Back Number9

Aug 22, 2011
320 kbps
137 MB
Marc D

We welcome back our resident dubstep emperor: Number9. He's been out and about around the world but we guess he just missed spinning dope tracks for you lot too much.

  1. Kraddy – Faux Show
  2. MRK1 – Home
  3. MRK1 – Cardiac Arrest
  4. 16Bit – Swine Flu
  5. Muffler – Heavy
  6. Arkasia – New World Disorder
  7. Yohanne Simone ft Nyree – Scream My Name ( Balkansky Remix )
  8. Vaski – Storm Chaser
  9. MRK1 – Move Your Soul
  10. Davr – Impact
  11. Bassnectar – Boomerang
  12. Fytch, Carmen Forbes, Captain Crunch – Raindrops ( Tomba Remix )
  13. MRK1 – Sizzler
  14. Rob Sparx – Walk On ( Propa Tingz Remix )
  15. Terrabad, Awol – Big Shot
  16. Underhill – Blind ( Balkansky Remix )
  17. Datsik – Gecko ( Number9 Remix )
  18. AfroWhitey – Ridin ( Ed Solo Remix )
  19. Bare – Synthetic
  20. Emalkay – Massive
  21. Pixelfist – Tweaky
  22. Sluggo – I Get Violent ( Itchy Robot Remix )
  23. Emalkay – Fabrication
  24. Temper D – Wonky Glasses ( Balkansky Remix )
  25. Statix – Grudge ( Balkansky Remix )
  26. Shekel – Persian Mayhem

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This mix has 17 comments

  • Mathias said…


    You just fucking told tjoonz what Number9 is all about!

  • Yowler said…

    Welcome back!! My roommates and I were JUST listening through all of your mixes over the week (ElectroDub 8: Sno Dai and Rob Sparx being two of our favorites). You have certainly come a long way! Your transitions are smooth and the arrangement is wonderful. Makes work better, and I can’t wait to play this back home for the crew.

    Cheers from Spokane, WA

  • Yowler said…

    NICE touch with adding “I think I want some more” to Storm Chaser. Fuck. yes.

  • Evil Tactician said…

    Welcome back – great comeback :)

  • Bates said…

    NUMBER9! ;D Good to have you back! What an AWESOME return mix! Hope you had a good time in your absence! (but not too much fun without us eh? :D )

  • Number9 said…

    Oh my god, look at the feedback!! I love it, I’m well pleased to be back!! I’m gonna have to throw together another mix for you all very soon. Spread the word that 9 is back!!

  • aldo said…

    i saw this and i was like whatt?! im always looking for new mixes and frankly yours are some of the illest, thank you

  • aldo said…

    btw looking forward to the new mixes :)

  • zachh said…

    fuck yeah 9!! i missed you

  • Number9 said…

    Nice one Aldo & Zach! I’m back for Tjoonz.com. Next mix is ready. just speaking to Marc D about when he wants it!! Ha Ha another ILL BANGER!!

  • wobwob said…

    This is killing my dr. dre’s nonstop!

  • Dj Fluff N' stuff said…


  • Number9 said…

    LOL Fluf & Wobwob, thanks for the feedback. Its an absolute pleasure to be mixing for you all again!

  • Stiffy said…

    Yo Number9, im a DC native… Been too a bunch of your shows in bmore n richmond. My shit is always up here. Just played with Heli Showdown… and Im looking for some more gigs. Hit me back.


  • Number9 said…

    Hey Stiffy. I’ve never played in Bmore. Unless your confusing me with NumberNinSix then someone is just using the same name.

  • Stiffy said…

    Oh def wrong then, did you have your name before his?

  • Number9 said…

    Dunno Stiffy, not sure who he is. We will see who drops an album first then have that fight!! Ha Ha! Its gonna be me!!!

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