ElectroDub Vol. 12: Final Warning Number9

Feb 15, 2011
320 kbps
122 MB
Marc D

He told you once. He told you twice. Number9 will tell you just one more time now, and listen carefully: Get the f*ck up! - Final Warning

Here is the final instalment in the ‘Warning’ series. I was only mucking about on a friday afternoon experimenting with different samples, mixing different genre’s and running the live mix through Logic. I sent the mix over to Marc D to see what he thought….. and here it is. Njoy!


  1. Calvertron & Tim Healy – Rock It, Roll It ft Sirreal & Pippa Trix (DirtyLoud Rmx)
  2. Funtcase – Takin The Piss
  3. Ajapai – Brain
  4. George Lenton – Burn ft Perkie
  5. Caspa – Neck Snappah
  6. Sidney Samson & Lady Bee – Shut up & Let It Go (Bar9 Rmx)
  7. Emalkay – Powertool
  8. Bare Noize – Plant Food
  9. Jsaxton – Pump This Party
  10. Laid Blak – Red (Chasing Shadows Rmx)
  11. P Money, Marco Del Horno & Swerve – Ho Riddem
  12. Sluggo & Bro Safari – Reckless
  13. Tasha Baxter – Cloudburn
  14. Peo De Pitte – Burn It Up (Bassbin Twins Rmx)
  15. Wikluh Sky – Pazi Sta Radis
  16. Bare – Banshee
  17. Raff, Funtcase & Southbound Hangers – Dubsteppa
  18. E-Z Rollers – Dust
  19. Exile – Fatal Exception
  20. Dom & Roland – Chunder
  21. Bassnectar – Boombox (Datsik Rmx)

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This mix has 9 comments

  • Yowler said…

    Another seamlessly arranged showcase of the filthy, massive entity known as dubstep, Number9!

    I couldn’t stop womping around my apartment. Certainly gave the neighbors a fright. Perfect end to a day. :-)

    Cheers from Washington State, USA!

  • Number9 said…

    Thanks yowler, glad you enjoyed it. 1 more mix to come from me before my time at Tjoonz.com comes to an end :( I’ll make sure its a banger!

  • Yowler said…

    I look forward to it man. You’re mixes are fantastic.

  • Number9 said…

    Cheers man, dont forget to come and say hello on my Facebook fan page.

  • Dylon said…

    Why only 1 more mix ??? :(

  • Number9 said…

    Yo Dylon, I’m going of on a round the world trip, gonna be back packing, so I can’t take any of my audio equiptment with me :( I may end up playing in a few clubs on the way so if I can record anything I will send it to Tjoonz. Trust me man I’m gonna miss doing this for Tjoonz but I will be back I promise. Watch this space….

  • eecs said…

    damn, with only one more mix i dont know how im gonna make it through finals this semester… well, enjoy your trip and thanks for all the mixes

  • eecs said…

    also, im gonna be backpacking in europe between june and august, so give a heads up if your gonna play any clubs there this summer

  • Number9 said…

    Yo eecs, Im sure Zyle will step up to the plate in my absence. Have faith and I’m sure you will smash your finals. I promise my last mix will be something very special. Sorry to say I’ll be way further a field than europe. I’m off to Asia and Australia so if your round that way then hola!

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