ElectroDub Vol. 7: GrimeTime Number9

Dec 1, 2010
320 kbps
155 MB
Marc D

Inspired by Bassnectar, Zyle and This is your second warning... Number9 smashed together this facemelter of a mix: ElectroDub Vol. 7: GrimeTime.

So I seem to be messing around on the darker side of Dubstep at the moment so here is another offering for you. Inspired by Bassnectar & Zyle and after the fun I had with ‘This is your second warning…‘ I rolled up a fat joint and smashed this facemelter of a mix together. Samplers, 3 deck mixing, FX units and an LPD8 all went into making this. Njoy.


  1. Kano – iPod Generation
  2. Skism – Rave Review
  3. Le Caslte Vania – Nobody gets out alive
  4. Excision & Downlink – Reploid
  5. Redlight ft Ms Dynamite – What you talking about
  6. Magnetic Man – Certified banger
  7. Magnetic Man – The Bug
  8. J.Rabbit & Tremourz – Sexy Party
  9. Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
  10. Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)
  11. Trolley Snatcher- Rocco’s Revenge
  12. Reso & Vent – Rumble
  13. Magnetic Man – Mad
  14. Butterfly Crash – Minus Zero
  15. Butterfly Crash – Hide and Sneak
  16. Skism – Rise of the idiots
  17. Trolley Snatcher – The Future
  18. Skream – Wibbler
  19. Borgore – FOES (16bit Fuck Hoes Remix)
  20. Chimpo – Pump Action
  21. Kano – Spaceship
  22. Sub Focus – Last Jungle
  23. Deftones – Change (Claws 2010 Remix)
  24. Borgore – Money (Paranoise Collision & Subsider Remix)

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This mix has 4 comments

  • Thessentials said…

    Really liked this mix! Very different stuff and I’m glad you included Magnetic Man because I had not heard of them prior to checking out this mix.

  • Number9 said…

    Thanks Theessentials. Plenty heavier coming in 2011

  • Jamaican05 said…

    heard this for the first time two days ago and blew my mind, downloaded it, love it and just play it all the time. look forward to more.
    peace and love

  • Toby said…

    this literally BLEW MY MIND. Someone please call 911

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