ElectroDub Vol. 6: Phaeleh Mix Number9

Nov 16, 2010
320 kbps
173 MB
Marc D

We skipped a week but we're bring it back to ya ultra smooth. Heavily distilled dubstep, best served chilled. Only by Number9 & Phaeleh, exclusive on Tjoonz! <3

This ultra smooth chilled dubstep mix was inspired by an artist I have recently had my ears opened to. I’d like to introduce the Tjoonz.com world to Phaeleh a Bristol based Dj and producer who has simply blown my mind with his musical ability. I stumbled across one of his tracks on beatport and shortly after had bought everything he has made. Its rare in this day and age to find someone so unique and talented I had to let you all hear it for yourselves. Phaeleh has NEVER made a bad tune and I have selected some of his finest pieces for this mix. If you don’t have Phaeleh in your life then run out and buy it now. This guy is pure genius. Njoy


  1. Phaeleh & Anneka- Awakening
  2. Phaeleh – Moving Forward
  3. Phaeleh – Lounge
  4. Phaeleh – Numb
  5. Phaeleh – Cheki
  6. Phaeleh – Afterglow ( ft. Soundmouse )
  7. Phaeleh – Heavenly Lies
  8. Phaeleh – If
  9. Phaeleh – Never Knew
  10. Phaeleh – Chimatu
  11. Phaeleh & Shammi Pithia – Dark Clouds
  12. Phaeleh & Indi Kaur – Healing
  13. Phaeleh – Euboea
  14. Phaeleh – Reflections
  15. Phaeleh & Anneka – Uggo
  16. Phaeleh & I-Mitri – Inside
  17. Phaeleh & Anneka – Willow
  18. Phaeleh – Low
  19. Phaeleh – Iscabe Piano

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This mix has 9 comments

  • Number9 said…

    Lets see what Tjoonz.com think of this!!

  • 420cowboy said…

    phaeleh is one of my favorite artists after listening to this. Its tooo chill, in a good way :)

  • Marc D said…

    Sooo laid back, mixed really smooth. Booty call music.

    Wait, what?

  • Number9 said…

    420 Cowboy. Have you got any similar sounding artists you can recomend? I’d be keen to know about them as Phaeleh has opened my ears to so much more.

  • Marc D said…

    They actually played some Phaeleh in the posh Italian restaurant I was in yesterday…

  • aldo said…

    too chill, womped me out

  • aldo said…

    btw Number9 the vol. your mixin are very well done, yeah!

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