40 Min Blaster Number9

Nov 21, 2011
320 kbps
95 MB
Marc D

Number9 blasts y`all away for 40 minutes straight. Some gold old and fresh dubs in this mix.

  1. Mskr-nt – Walk Alone
  2. Anni Rani – Fall (Tech Itch Remix)
  3. DVA – Still Born
  4. Evol Intent – Paradize City
  5. Lewie White & Kozzie – Metal Face
  6. Horsie & Butterfly Crash – Gliese 581 D
  7. Jammer & J-Da Flex – Knucklin
  8. Kryptic Minds & Emika – Make You Sleep
  9. Kosheen & Suzie Ledge – Sleep Tonight (Tech Itch Remix)
  10. MRK1 – Home
  11. Noisia – Tommy’s Theme
  12. Yohann Simon & Niree – Scream My Name (Balkansky Remix)
  13. El Diablo ft Mista Chatman – Ruffer Dan Dem
  14. Chase & Status ft Kano, P-Money, Devlin – Eastern Jam (Unknown Remix)

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This mix has 17 comments

  • N-GAUGE, said…

    Nice wurk #9

  • Number9 said…

    Thanks man. It was a fun mix.

  • Dj Fluff N' stuff said…

    another amazing mix :P when doesthe full version of sentient come out

  • Number9 said…

    Dj Fluff, I am not Numbernin6….

  • Attention please said…

    Hey Number9,I listen all your mixes,you are doin great job,but yours mixes volume level ar sooo LOW when i drop it in my mp3 player. I compare your mixes and mixes from excision,submonkey,geronimo and etc dj’ais, they sound in normal volume level,so please doin something cause its a silent for normal listening and GET ILL.

  • Number9 said…

    @Attention Please – Its actually the loudest I can go when converting to MP3. I dont know why its quiet and this is the first time someone has mentioned it…I’ll see if there is anything I can do

  • Attention please said…

    Try listen your mix and excision or submonkey,better with headphones and compare a volume difference.

  • Evil Tactician said…

    I’ve never had a problem with the volume of your mixes to be honest.

  • Tautoko said…

    this is so fucked up man do another dumb one ill fuck ue up

  • Number9 said…

    EEEEERM Tautoko….. What?!

  • Wes said…

    Your problem is the mp3 player. You need to pump this shiz on a big system. SUBS plzz

  • Number9 said…

    Well said Wes.

  • aldo said…

    ??? i never have a problem w the volume, sounds fine on ipod stereo laptop etc? bambam salute number9

  • aldo said…

    once again, bomb mix, blasting ona dell laptop c the internal speakers and sounds fine !

  • Tony Schultz said…

    Love the picture haha. I see what you did there

  • aldo said…


  • 116terrorist said…


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