A Compilation Of Noise Promo Mix MrMS

Mar 4, 2011
320 kbps
98 MB
Marc D

Another drippin filthy dubstep / drum & bass mixtape by MRMS. Love this fella. Get this mix and check out his other stuff on Tjoonz.com!

Another banger mixtape by MRMS, love this fella.

  1. Star Wars – Imperial March
  2. Jack Beats – UFO (K-Hole Riddim)
  3. Excision – Subsonic (Elite Force Remix)
  4. Excision – Subsonic
  5. Zero G – Bass Culture
  6. Flux Pavilion – Can’t Stop
  7. Mode Step – Sunlight
  8. Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You (Mode Step Remix)
  9. Kromestar – Bad Man VIP
  10. Skism – Power
  11. Downlink – Containment Failure
  12. Vaski – Get Down (Total Recall Remix)
  13. Freestylers – Cracks feat. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Remix)
  14. The Qemists ft. Maxsta – Renegade VIP
  15. Blame – Star (Doctor P Remix)
  16. 12th Planet – Needed ft. Skrillex
  17. Audio – Collision (Excision VIP)
  18. Delta Heavy – Space Time
  19. Tc & Mc Jakes – Haters
  20. Inside Info – Awkward
  21. Noisia – Friendly Intensions
  22. Liquid Stranger – Shake My Ass
  23. Zeds Dead – Rude Boy (Swerve & Adjected Deleted Remix)
  24. Lank, KirKus, Sluggo – We Kill Everything
  25. Borgore – Money (Cyberoptix Remix)
  26. Dubsidia – Kill Humans
  27. Unknown Error – The Curse (Bare Remix)
  28. Pyramid – Cruel feat. Julie Thompson – (Skism Remix)

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This mix has 14 comments

  • GoTTi said…

    File not found… CMON

  • Marc D said…

    Fuck! Fixed now. =)

  • Idontkno23 said…

    Site isn’t loading right for me. School forces us to use IE. :

  • Marc D said…

    The site works fine in IE for me, except for the Flash streamer (but that may be my work’s fault, I use Chrome personally). Can you tell me which version of IE you are using at school? I may need to investigate this and you’d help me do it =)

  • Idontkno said…

    Well, it works 80% of the time. It’s running on IE8.

    The page sometimes loads as a somewhat-normal looking page, except the background is white and the genre selection panels at the top as well as the streamer don’t load. But after coming back to it on a different computer at the school it’s working fine on IE8.

  • Idontkno said…

    Anyways, I’m on this site 24/7 during schoo lol. Thanks for keeping me dub-filled during school I suppose. :p

  • Marc D said…

    In that case I think it’s probably an older version of IE or maybe some configuration on that other computer of yours. Either way, I can’t be bothered fixed the site for such a pain-in-the-ass browser. Assuming this is only at your school, you’re sensible enough to use a proper browser for personal use =)

  • imtrying said…

    its another beautiful compilation from the best site ive discovered this year. though it appears I’ve tuned in rather late in the game, several hours of listening over the last several days have not put too terrific a dent in whats left to discover. Sincere thanks. -anj119

  • DubDoctor said…

    No download link?

  • DubDoctor said…

    scratch that its good to go

    • Marc D said…

      You feeling alright, Doc? Take some of those bass meds you got lying back there.

  • justin said…

    i <3 MRMS

  • brian haskin said…


  • conmimente said…

    i absolutely love this mix

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