Magnetic Man Album 2010 Continuous Mix Dubjunk

Oct 11, 2010
320 kbps
78 MB
Marc D

Skream, Benga and Artwork - otherwise known as Magnetic Man - have released their long awaited album. In response to this Dubjunk mixed all the new gems together.

A big day in the dubstep industry, Magnetic Man’s album is released on Columbia Records. To commemorate, Dubjunk mixed the album into a single fluid dubstep banger. This will kickstart you on your way to the store!

  1. Perfect Stranger ft. Katy B
  2. Box of Ghosts
  3. Boiling Water ft. Sam Frank
  4. Karma Crazy
  5. Mad
  6. The Bug
  7. Ping Pong
  8. I Need Air ft. Angela Hunter
  9. Crossover ft. Katy B
  10. Fire ft. Ms Dynamite
  11. Anthemic
  12. Getting Nowhere ft. John Legend

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  • Zach said…


  • Kane said…

    That was pretty greezy

  • BradGG said…

    bro. sick as fuck hope you drop another mix soon :)

  • Chris said…

    I’ve had this sitting on my iPhone for a while now, and just finally played it the other day; haven’t stopped playing it since.

    Dank all the way around.

    • Marc D said…

      Good to see you stick around, Chris. It’s the loyal and responsive visitors like you who make running this site worthwhile! :)

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