Player One Vol. 6: Mysterio Last Level Boss

Jul 13, 2012
151 kbps
66 MB

Last Level Boss is back with Mysterio! Unfortunately no tracklist this time, better luck next time! Check out Player One Volume 6!

Back to the beat, Players! I’m proud to present the 6th entry in the Player One series! This one is dedicated to my fellow dancers out there… I made this one with you in mind. (As well as the rest of my fellow beat junkies of course!)

Some of you may be wondering about the switch from my usual dubstep/drumstep antics to techno/house in this series from time to time. Just so you all know, I’ll be a dub soldier for life, and you can always expect me to throw down the most brutal dark bass on the planet, right here on Tjoonz. But above all, I’m about the beats. I love 4 x 4 tech stuff. It’s my roots; without it, I wouldn’t be DJing today. On top of that, taking a break from that good ol’ dubstep allows me to step back and take the time i need for compilation and arangement, two things I take very seriously. That way, even though you may miss a month every now and then of the bone crushing bass we’ve gotten to know me for around these parts, when I DO release a dub set, it won’t disappoint or fail to meet the expectations my listeners have or the ones I set for myself, for that matter.
I’ll be back next month with some serious evil worthy of the Last Level Boss sound. Until then, crank that volume and make some room to dance!


~Last Level Boss


Due to some unexpected technical difficulties we unfortunately cannot provide a Tracklist, this will not be a habit of us in the future!

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  • darkrai said…

    HURRAY Another LLB mix :D seeing that you made a new mix always makes my day ^u^

  • dusted1 said…

    I appreciate the birthday present :)

    better late than never…. lol catz

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