Player One Vol. 14: System Shock II Last Level Boss

Feb 23, 2013
320 kbps
132 MB
Marc D

The sequel to Volume 13: System Shock is here. If the first blast wave didn't cripple you, the bass fallout will take care of you now!

Last Level Boss is back once again with another speaker crushing entry in the Player One series! This is the second chapter in the System Shock saga, and quite possibly the most bottom heavy mix I’ve ever released. This month the bass overdose is brought to you with the help of Jphelpz, Trampa, Getter and… Willow Smith.

~Last Level Boss

  1. Trollphace – Critical Hit
  2. D-Jahsta – Slug Bass (Sadhu RMX)
  3. Jphelpz – Sentry Gun
  4. Getter – Fallout
  5. Trampa – Wildog (VIP)
  6. 12Gauge – Clutch (Getter RMX)
  7. Culprate – Sodden (Melamin / Wicked Sway RMX)
  8. Dodge & Fuski – F_K Dubstep
  9. Jphelpz – Shao Kahn
  10. Killsonik – Walrus
  11. Jphelpz – Prepare To Die
  12. Trampa – Vacate
  13. Krew & Disonata – AFO (Sadhu RMX)
  14. Trollphace – Fuck Your Phace
  15. Lost – Groupies (VIP)
  16. Getter – Papercuts
  17. 12Gauge – Funky Beat
  18. Getter – Ak-47 (Jphelpz RMX)
  19. Big Chocolate – Blue Milk
  20. CRNKN & Protohype – Boom
  21. A-Trak & Dillon Francis – Money Makin’ (Oliver Twizt Trap RMX)
  22. Gladiator & Chromatic – Gamecube Nintendo
  23. Baauer – Harlem Shake (Nexu5 RMX)
  24. Hoax & Sensa – Atlantis
  25. Genetix – Squid Attack (Oscillator Z Drumstep Bootleg)
  26. Willow Smith – Whip My Hair (Grizzly RMX)
  27. Phace and Noisia – The Feed
  28. Apex – Head Case
  29. Fourward – Steady State (VIP)

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This mix has 8 comments

  • noisy boy said…

    damn son… you get your mixes posted SO FAST!!!

    dope mix as always, love your work!


  • LLB said…

    Thank you very much brother. The Player One series is an exclusive one that you can only get right here on Tjoonz. It’s available at the end of the last week of every month! Side note: you wouldn’t happen the same Noisy Boy that spins for that spot with Lord Temo, would ya?

    • noisy boy said…

      DAMN… that’s not me your thinking of.
      sucks to know the name is “getting around”. = /

      • LLB said…

        Ugh my bad man… Yeah that definitely can be annoying. Sall good though, you’ve got talent and that’s what matters :)

      • Marc D said…

        Just register a website before they do and be more ‘legit’ about it =)

  • Number9 said…

    Ahhhhh LLB, excellent work once again. Loving this!

    • LLB said…

      Many thanks, as usual Number9! I think a collab mix is due for us in the very near future! \m/\m/

  • LLB said…

    Many thanks, as usual Number9! I think a collab mix is due for us in the very near future! \m/\m/

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