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Rich Uncle Skeleton Jin-XS

Jun 29, 2014
320 kbps
136 MB

Indy rave legend Jin-Xs who is generally known for his super sick hip-hop mixes, shows us he can do it all with a high quality Electro Swing mix that will have your feet tappin and hands clappin.

  1. Caravan Palace – Crash (Original Mix)
  2. Papa Tony – Swing Theme (Jeeves and Wooster Radio Mix)
  3. BiBouLakis – If Only Alarms Didn’t Ring (Serop B. Remix)
  4. Riva Starr – Black Cat White Cat (Original Mix)
  5. Howdy Doody – Mink Schmink (Doody Edit)
  6. Parov Stelar – Booty Swing (Tits & Clits Remix)
  7. Riva Starr – I was Drunk ft Noze (Original Mix)
  8. ID – Cabana Swing
  9. The Swing Kids – Nonsense (Original Mix)
  10. DJ Mibor – Dracula Swing
  11. Parov Stelar – Catgroove
  12. Bart & Baker feat Nicolle – The Swing Phenomena (KeX Remix)
  13. Jamie Berry – Delight (Wallace Remix)
  14. SWAHN – Looney Swing (DJ Mibor Remix)
  15. Bart & Baker – Communication (KeX Remix)
  16. Swingers’ Club – L’Inspecteur
  17. Louis Armstrong – Go Down Moses (DJ ZeD remix/3EN GL4SS Re-Edit)
  18. Nikola Vujicic – The Devil with the Devil
  19. Parov Stelar – The Snake (Alle Farben Remix)

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This mix has 8 comments

  • jargonil said…

    Holy cow, this mix is dope as hell..

  • Landerz said…

    ^ I agree. People voting wack votes obviously don’t like electro swing. His mixing is spot on!

  • Marc D said…

    Honestly, I love this mix!

  • Sam Hell said…

    Swing is cool…and some people just startet voting, mea culpa.^^

    By the way, nice project you have here, Marc. From my Girl and me: Thank you very much!

    • Marc D said…

      Thanks Sam, I really appreciate it when others express their love for the project. And you can thank Landerz for helping me out because I couldn’t do this without him nowadays!

  • Silk Montel said…

    I love JIN-XS, he started here in Denver, Colorado!

  • Silk Montel said…

    >no one can do it better than JIN-XS!

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