Area 51 Podcast July 2013 Intoxicators

Jul 20, 2013
320 kbps
129 MB
Marc D

Strap up for hardstyle / hardcore mixed by Intoxicators, a new group of Dutchies ready to smash your room to pieces.

Due to competing in several DJ contests, we decided to skip the episode of the month June. You can listen to our ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Treble of Music’ mixtape instead. To set things right, we’re now back with a brand new episode of our Area 51 Podcast and there are a lot more to come! Stay tuned…


  1. Endymion And The Viper ft FERAL is KINKY – Raging In The Dancehall (Coone Remix)
  2. Zatox – Noisemaker (Code Black Remix)
  3. Brennan Heart – Face The Enemy (Zany Remix)
  4. The R3belz – Run & Gun
  5. Zany & Nitrouz – Lonely Dark
  6. The Vision ft Goliath – Grippin’ The Grain
  7. The R3belz – Red Zone
  8. Tartaros – Bring It
  9. Jack Of Sound & Frequencerz – G.T.F.O
  10. Precizion – Seduction
  11. Digital Punk & Cripsys – Radiant
  12. The Pitcher vs Donkey Rollers – To The End
  13. Secret Unity & Unbreakable – Nuclear
  14. Luna And E-Force – Shade Of The Night
  15. Secret Unity – Final Fight

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This mix has 4 comments

  • Julius Augustus said…

    I feel sad that there’s so few hardstyle music these days…

    • vexxfalcon said…

      I feel you, some of the most epic music, and I use hardstyle and shuffling to work out so the fact that I’m slowly running out of new tunes is tragic to think about.

      • Intoxicators said…

        Don’t feel sad!

        Stay tuned to our Soundcloud page and keep yourself up to date with our latest mixtapes!!

        Always with some new tracks!!

  • djbigtime said…

    wish i could see this live

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