Summer 2012 Promo Mix ill Ektro

Aug 21, 2012
320 kbps
101 MB
Marc D

ill Ektro's promo mix for the Summer of 2012, featuring old and new Fidget and Electro House. Recorded live at Artistic Monkey (Ramblas Maastricht) on Aug 10, 2012.

Hi everyone. It’s been a long while since I put up a mix from myself, specially under alias ill Ektro. While my other ill Ektro mixtapes were studio-produced continuous album mixes (of ill.Gates and Ben Samples, check it out!), this is actually the first live mixtape that also represent me as an artist much better. What you’re about to hear is totally my style! I recorded this mix Friday, August 10th at the Artistic Monkeys party at Ramblas Maastricht.

Keep ragin’

~Marc D a.k.a. ill Ektro

  1. Hirshee, Lazy Rich, Lizzie Curious – Blast Off! (Original Mix)
  2. Felguk – All Night Long (Darth & Vader Mix)
  3. Lazy Rich – Disco Ballistic (The Incredible Melting Man Remix)
  4. Stupid Fresh – Rustledust (Original Mix)
  5. Reset! – My Trunk (Original Mix)
  6. Reset! – Prepare To Fight (Original Mix)
  7. SpekrFreks – Keep The Party Jumpin’ (SpekrFreks Remix)
  8. Hot Pink Delorean – Bee Eff Eff (Lazy Rich Remix)
  9. Montee, Junky Sound – Royal Taste (Jan Waterman Remix)
  10. Ryan Elis – Whampin (Original Mix)
  11. Netsky – Puppy (Original Mix)
  12. Lazy Rich, Belle Humble – The Chase (Original)
  13. Rene Kuppens, Dyro – Raid (Original Mix)
  14. Knife Party – Rage Valley (Original Mix)

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  • DJ MDT said…

    Absolutely genious mix! I really digg your style Marc!

    Keep them coming ;)!


  • ill Ektro said…

    Thanks MDT! :D

  • Retro said…

    Hey, why isn’t this exclusive Tjoonz?

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