Dinner Music Ichikraft

Mar 21, 2012
320 kbps
73 MB

New on the block. It's Ichikraft with his Dubstep mix Dinner Music, definitely worth having a go! Stay Tjooned for more Dubstep and Electro mixes!

Tune in on my soundcloud there are more mixes to come, thanks for listening



  1. Schoolboy – The Science Project feat. Ricco Vitali (Original Mix)
  2. Dark Elixir – No More Tomorrows
  3. AFK, Hizzleguy – Ascension
  4. Liquid Stranger (clip) – Bully
  5. Traktion – Miaow
  6. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)
  7. Chuckie – Who is Ready To Jump (Dillion Francis Remix)
  8. Skrillex – First of the Year (Featurecast’s Last of the Year Re-Edit)
  9. Mark Instincts – Room Shaker
  10. Reptile vs Biggie (ICHI’s MASH)
  11. Now Hear This – Dillion Francis
  12. STFU Rebecca – ICHIKRAFT
  13. Apashe (clip) – Poutinestep
  14. Downlink – Factory
  15. Borgore (clip) – Ice Cream
  16. Downlink – Factory (Ajapai Remix)
  17. Doctor P – Tetris (Kabuki Zombie Warrior Remix)
  18. Requake – That Coochie
  19. Persist – Blam
  20. Nightwalker – Strange Wilderness
  21. Downlink – Party Alarm
  22. Eliminate – Everything You Need
  23. Camo & Krooked – The Lesson (Featuring Skittles)
  24. InnerCut, Dubsective – Escape
  25. Dubsective – R0807
  26. Funtcase (clip) – 50 Caliber
  27. Datsik – Sting
  28. Foges and Perileyes – Unlinked
  29. Laid Black – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
  30. Katy Perry – ET (Tim Ismag Remix)
  31. Camo & Krooked – Run Riot
  32. Adam F – When the Rain is Gone (Delta Heavy Remix)

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This mix has 6 comments

  • The dubs of hazard said…

    Ableton Live?

  • ICHIKRAFT said…

    recorded with cdj’s, I do use ableton though for edits, trying to produce too!

  • The dubs of hazard said…

    If this was mixed with cdjs I have just one thing to say to you: Congratulations!!
    Everybody seems to be mixing with Ableton lately, kinda kills the “magic” imo. I only do it “old-skool” too.
    Keep up the excelent work mate!

  • ICHIKRAFT said…

    thanx man, I personally don’t even care but all i know is ‘old school’ dj ing is so fun compared to pressing a buttons

  • dankkush420 said…

    iv had this on replay fuckin fire keep em comn


  • dankkush420 said…

    jst listnd to this on 10 gel tabs of lucy…PURE that is all i can say thank u ichikraft

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