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ROOTS Vol. 1 Hannah Wants

Aug 2, 2016
128 kbps
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In her first volume of 'Roots', Hannah Wants explores some classic bassline and speed garage tracks that helped to make her the DJ she is today.

I’ve been meaning to make this mix for a really long time and whilst I know it won’t be to everybody’s taste, I wanted to showcase some of my favourites tracks from when I first began DJ’ing way back in 2002! I wanted to be able to show people where my love for music started and where for me, it all began.

You may or may not know that when I first started buying vinyl’s and learning to DJ I fell in love with Speed Garage, Bassline House, Funky House and UK Garage – a music genre/scene that dominated Birmingham (my hometown) at the time.

I started out with some not-so-tight Numark belt drive decks and slowly began teaching myself the art of DJ’ing. When I say slowly, I mean slowly… For a short time I wasn’t even aware that I had to adjust tempo’s to mix a track and it’s safe to say my first couple of weeks practising didn’t sound too great! Fast forward twelve or so
years, I’m now living my dream as a DJ!

I had SO much fun making this mix. It was both an amazing trip down memory lane and a pleasant surprise to realise that I sometimes drop a few tracks in my set now that I played allllllll those years ago!

I have absolutely no idea if this type of music was being played in your city/scene, wherever that may be around the world, however it’d be interesting to know… What I do know is that these Speed Garage / Bassline vibes were massive in the likes of Birmingham (UK) and Sheffield (UK) in the early 2000’s – if you were a part of the scene back in the day, you need no introduction!

This two-hour mix consists of 31 tracks that range in release year from 1996 to 2005. These 120 minutes are my ROOTS…

~Hannah Wants

  1. Fatima Rainey – Hey (Mount Rushmore’s Deep Vocal Mix)
  2. Ladycop – To Be Real
  3. Mass Medium – Got To Have It
  4. Roger Ruff – Do Ya (Great Bass Mix)
  5. DJ Pooch – Let The Bass Roll (Funky Mix)
  6. Nu Force – When The Morning Comes (DJ Flavours Club Mix)
  7. Gordon Matthews – Itza Trumpet Thing
  8. Robin S – Midnight (Ultimix 68)
  9. Sara Parker – My Love Is Deep (Sharp Vocal Mix)
  10. Silvio Ecomo – Uprising (Speed Garage Mix)
  11. EEDB Vs Flirtations – Time (TnG Mix)
  12. Funk Junkeez – Got Funk (Heavy On Da Bass Mix)
  13. The ‘701’ Track
  14. Agro DJ’s – Run To Me
  15. Clubbit – All I Wanna Do
  16. Celetia- Rewind (Rob Bee Remix)
  17. GB Experience – Gimmie The Bass
  18. Jonestown – Sweet Thang (Mustard Mix)
  19. B15 Project & Mr Vegas – Birmingham Crew
  20. 99 Allstars – Chemical Generation (Upstate J60 Vocal Experience)
  21. Twin Town – Rock It
  22. Twin Town – Risin’
  23. Philly Station ft. Tammi Wright – Mon Supa Love (Agent Sumo Remix)
  24. Ruff Driverz – Deeper Love (Ruff Mix)
  25. Summer Junkies – Hey Y’all
  26. Devoted – Gotta Have (Antoine & Mad Mark Remix)
  27. Miss Peppermint – Let Me Hear The DJ
  28. 2 Eivissa – Move Your Body
  29. Fake – Outstanding (Perqx Disco Mix)
  30. Luthor Vandross – Never Too Much (Remix)
  31. Summer Junkies – Basslines Live Forever

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