Bump This Or You Are Dead Foulchusky

Mar 12, 2011
128 kbps
55 MB
Marc D

Foulchusky submitted this electro house mixtape to Tjoonz. Newcomer deejay with skills: Bump This Or You Are Dead

There were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident


  1. Disco Fries ft. Clinton Sparks – Killer
  2. Adam K & Soha – Circadian Rhythm
  3. DEV – Bass Down Low
  4. Sidney Samson – S&M Remix
  5. Lucky Date – Desperate Girls Remix
  6. Spencer & Hill – Last Night Remix
  7. Audiobot – 3000
  8. TAI – Lyposuct (Rynecologist Merder Re-edit)
  9. Dada Life – Hello Remix
  10. The Filth – Get It Remix
  11. Itchy Feet vs. Calvertron – Dwarf Porn
  12. Arno Cost – One More Time (Daft Punk & Stardust Remix)
  13. Betatraxxx – Drug Abuse (Dave Scorp Remix)
  14. Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch (Vengeance Remix)
  15. Tocadisco – Alright
  16. Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki – Turbulence (Inquisitive Edit)
  17. Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes (DJ Kue Remix)
  18. DJ Solo – Kenny Powers : Sk8 or Die

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This mix has 5 comments

  • zachh said…

    this is dope!

  • THE420KING said…


  • Bialy3000 said…

    I’m listiening it every day! F****n’ GOOD! Whose is that BASS DOWN LOW remix?

  • Foulchusky said…

    Thanks! Lots of good stuff coming – check out my soundcloud and look for a new mix in a few weeks

    the bass down low remix is the “Loopers Remix”

  • Sam Hell said…

    Makes me feel like Boing Clash Boom…nice party shit, way to go.

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