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Titans Of Industry Form Control

Oct 15, 2015
320 kbps
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Form Control blessed us with a mix that spans multiple genres, has 2 original productions and covers the entire BPM scale. Bass music for your soul. Your dark, moody soul.

We find ourselves at a crossroads. On one frail outstretched hand is an offering of inner peace. The other hand, strong and resilient, holds practicality. It’s attractive. It’s safe. It’s what we want, what our brain wants, but something just isn’t right about it. A nagging itch that taking the strong hand robs us of our ability to take the other. The music is starting however so we must pick one to dance with. The strong hand could lead us, removing a lot of the work. The frail hand would require constant effort, constant support. People might laugh at us. But put on your headphones and take the frail hand with me. The more of us who take it, the stronger it becomes. The laughter of others dissipates into the background.

This mixtape is designed with the frail hand in mind. It’s a compilation of musicians who have taken the leap and found some of that inner peace. I don’t know what your leap looks like, where the weathered hand will take you, but I do know what this music means to me. It means never having to settle for something I don’t want. It means freedom from myself. I hope to translate some of that to you. So you can see more clearly. Or just rave out. I’m not the boss of you.

~Form Control


  1. Vanic Vs. Eminem – The Last Stand
  2. Eugene The Cat – Gateau Blaster
  3. Griz – Good Times Roll (Form Control Edit)
  4. Clozee – Koto
  5. Avicii – Pure Grinding
  6. Flume – Holdin On
  7. Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown
  8. Stepcat – Jitterbug
  9. Royal Blood – Minimalista
  10. Kid Cudi – Day N’ Night (Andrew Luce Remix)
  11. Morgan Page – Running Wild (Jayceoh Remix)
  12. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (Let’s Be Friends Remix)
  13. Hopsteady & Flipbois – Burning Up The Place
  14. EH!DE – The End
  15. Steve Jablonski – Arrival To Earth (Robby East Remix)
  16. Astronaut Ft. Harry Brooks Jr. – Champions (Volant Remix)
  17. 501 – Infinity
  18. Nukage Ft. Pearle – Burn (Form Control Remix)
  19. Ray Volpe – Like This
  20. Xylo – Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (LAXX Remix)
  21. Form Control – Titans of Industry
  22. Satellite Empire – Glow (Ryan Exley Remix)
  23. Diamond Eyes Ft. Christina Grimmie – Stay With Me
  24. Said The Sky & Illenium Ft. Cristina Soto – Painted White (Au5 & Fractal Remix)
  25. Ray Volpe – Heartless
  26. Snapcrack – Lilith
  27. Lookas – Voyager
  28. Mendum – Nightstuck
  29. Major Lazer Ft. Wild Belle – Be Together (Vanic Remix)
  30. Raider – Futuro
  31. Kirk Cosier & BH & Cheney – Slipping Away (Myrne Remix)
  32. KJ Sawka & Ill Gates – Unsung Heroes
  33. KJ Sawka & Ill Gates – Unsung Heroes (VIP Mix)
  34. Nukage – Cinco de Neur
  35. Spag Heddy – Never Givin’ Up
  36. Tritonal – Anchor (Noisestorm Remix)
  37. Metrik & Netsky Ft. Stealth – Can’t Speak
  38. Netsky – I Refuse
  39. Louis Vivet – Nightfall
  40. Zhu – Faded
  41. Reflekt Ft. Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved (Adam K. & Soha Remix)
  42. Porter Robinson – Sad Machine (Xeuphoria Piano Remix)
  43. Atmos IV – A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  44. Kid Cudi – Day N’ Night (Sterling Flow Remix)
  45. Lapa – Roadwalk

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