The Devil Takes Care Of His Own Form Control

Apr 21, 2015
320 kbps
150 MB

In Form Control's latest mix 'The Devil Takes Care Of His Own', FC builds up some devastating dubstep bangers and then soothes our battered souls with some mellow vibes to finish off an all around great mix.

The Devil gets a bad rap. Sure he is sin incarnate and likely dines on the souls of infants but can you imagine being in his squad? No one would mess with you. You could get sent to prison and if anyone touched you BAM! his skin is lava. Then there are the perks and benefits. Health care? Your heart is an invulnerable box of inky black death. Dental? You had better believe Lucifer’s squad rocks solid gold grillz. Sure, people might tell you to go back to the 90’s, but you can just send them back to pre-life. But with an awareness that they are in pre-life and will never escape. *shudders* So let’s cut the big guy downstairs a break for once. I’ve even included my latest unreleased tracks as an homage to all his hard work. Not to mention the exclusives you’ll hear from my friend Nukage. You’re in for a treat. So sit back, relax, then stand up and rage.

~Form Control

  1. Sakuraburst – Sunrise
  2. Virtual Boy – Mass
  3. Nukage Feat. Pearle – Burn
  4. Royksopp Feat. Susanne Sundfor – Running To The Sea (Seven Lions Remix)
  5. Serenity – Clarion
  6. Brad Carpenter – Disruptor
  7. Ray Volpe – Cyclone
  8. Corporate – Forward
  9. Hansel Thorn – Valkyrie
  10. Form Control – Ecosphere (Nukage Remix)
  11. Koven – Eternal and You
  12. Form Control – The Devil Takes Care Of His Own
  13. Eminem – Spacebound (Eliminate Remix)
  14. Apashe – Kannibalen
  15. Hydraulix & Phase One – Hit Rewind (Not Sorry Remix)
  16. Riot – Enigma
  17. Dirty Zblu Feat. ShawnLat – Late Night
  18. Illenium – Chosen You
  19. Baby Bash, T-Pain & Richfellow VS Evoke – Yerba Cyclone (Form Fusion)
  20. Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness Feat. Mayor Apeshit (Noisestorm Remix)
  21. Barely Alive & Astronaut – Rivals
  22. Pegboard Nerds – Try This
  23. Tatu Toukola – Fear Gas
  24. Nukage – Drop That Bomb (Form Control Remix)
  25. Au5 Feat. Tasha Baxter – Snowblind (Prismatic Remix)
  26. Xilent Feat. Sue Berger – The Place (Au5 Remix)
  27. Champagne Drip Feat. Sergio Flores & Haley Larson – Modern Love
  28. Echoes & Nightcall – Rainfall
  29. Trivecta Feat. Charlotte Haining – Ease My Soul
  30. Birdy – Skinny Love (Vanic Remix)
  31. Said The Sky Feat. Melissa Hayes – For You

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