Shambhala 2011 Dubstep Mix Excision

Sep 28, 2011
192 kbps
97 MB
Marc D

Excision releases his Shambhala 2011 mix after nearly 2 months of waiting by thousands of fans. Together with the release, his new website ( was launched. Grab a copy of the 2011, 2010 and 2009 Shambhala Dubstep Mixes right here at!

The long awaited Shambhala 2011 mix is finally here. With the release of this dubstep mix, nearly 2 months after it blasted through The Village at Shambhala, Excision also launched his brand new website at!

Now, prepare to be eXterminated!!

  1. Excision – Triple X ft. Messinian
  2. Elite Force – Figured You Easy
  3. Excision & Skism – Sexism
  4. Zomboy – Pump It Up
  5. Skrillex – DnB Ting
  6. Audio – Cybatron
  7. Subshock – Back Up
  8. Dieselboy & Bare – WMFD
  9. Datsik & Subvert – Heart Stopper
  10. Run DMT – Solarize (Rmx)
  11. Nero & Skrillex – Promises (Rmx)
  12. Calvin Harris – Flashback (Millions Like Us Rmx)
  13. Bare – Droid X
  14. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Red
  15. Skrillex – Right In
  16. Noisia – Gutterpump (Pixelfist Rmx)
  17. Space Laces – No Mercy
  18. Twisted Ind – Heavy Metal (Crystal Clear Rmx)
  19. Excision & Downlink – The Underground
  20. High Rankin – Jungle (Neon Steve Rmx)
  21. Number Nin6 vs Torqux & Twist – Sentient
  22. Subscape – Screw up VIP
  23. Trolley Snatcha – Break Your Neck
  24. Addergebroed – Zodiak
  25. Ajapai – Blast
  26. Muffler – Move (Nightwalker Rmx)
  27. Adroa – End Boss
  28. Lil Wayne – Fire Flame (Shackles Rmx)
  29. Original Sin – I Love It
  30. Inside Info – Awkward (Excision Rmx)
  31. Original Sin – Original Bad Boy
  32. Dirty Deeds – Village Terror
  33. Specimen A – Flying Saucer
  34. Modified Motion & Faction – The Hammer
  35. Modified Motion – Now More than Ever
  36. El Diablo – Devil in the Machine (Liquid Stranger Rmx)
  37. Ganga Giri – Bayami (Liquid Stranger Rmx)
  38. Monstar – Bastard
  39. Tetsuo – One Day (Space Laces Rmx)
  40. Ajapai – Mobilized VIP
  41. Dirt Monkey – Imperial March
  42. Ajapai – Get Down (edit)
  43. Calvertron – Get Up
  44. Mr Boogie – Dead Junglist VIP
  45. Excision & Downlink – Swerve
  46. Jantsen – Let’s Get Ill
  47. Mark Instinct – Strawberry
  48. Prodigy – Spitfire
  49. 16 Bit – Surge
  50. Downlink – Station Seven

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This mix has 63 comments

  • ZACHH said…

    ohhhh excision you make my ears bleed with joy!!!

  • Marc D said…

    A lot of tunes are on his new album X Rated as well! Consider buying it, it’s the best support you can offer X.

  • Dj Fluff N' stuff said…


  • Dj Fluff N' stuff said…

    listened to it live and just now :O

  • Sysadmin Guy said…

    Props for re-hosting the file instead of hot-linking to my servers, thanks!

  • Evilpig said…

    This mix was INSANE!

  • Marc D said…

    No worries Mr Sysadmin, that’s how we roll. Did give a backlink because we are still here to support the artist. If you need download amounts, give us a nudge, we’re happy to supply statistics.

  • cheka said…

    DOPE! #1

  • Skys the Limit Music said…

    Another proper mixdown from Excision….. Dope picks on the selection and nice little change up from the last Shambhala.. Good to see Original Sin and Bare up there a few times as well..

  • jink bghd said…

    Thanks for completing 2011 for me, this is fucking beastly <3

  • 5ad0w420 said…

    dam that shit was great going to go listen to it 20 more times ty excision

  • char said…


  • Rattrix said…

    FUCK YEAH been waiting for 2 months now! Thnx Excision and Tjoonz! P.S.holy shit, star wars dubstep?! now youre just showing off!

  • ubbitz said…

    cool mix. not as impressive as last years though.

  • Paul Krotine said…

    This is why i donate to The Site, F**king Amazing! been waiting for the 2011 Mix for a long time, Thanks =D

  • Clutz said…

    better of shambalandia :D AWESOME

  • THE420KING said…

    Damnnn!!!!!! You kill it everytime!!! Excisions the SHIT!

  • TripleBoom said…

    This mix is dope as fuck. Excision is a beast!!!

  • Tanner said…


  • ppoott_og said…

    I needed that!!!! fuckin it up!

  • DIRTY FLIRT said…

    This phuk’n mix is so gnarly and rad…. GOOD GOD!!!! HUGE FAN HERE!!!!!! BOOOOOOM & BOUNCE all day!

  • SCREAM said…

    Anyone know if this is the same setlist he’s using on his tour with Deadmau5?

  • Crystal Eardrum said…

    Nice mix!!!

  • Zerker161 said…

    holy shit i just learned the meaning of life which is EXCISION

  • Tony Schultz said…

    ummm not to be a downer or anything but I didn’t like this mix to well. None of the songs really popped out at me and it just seemed like an average mix. C’mon I cant be the only one can I? 2010 is way better.

  • igggy said…

    im with #26, i didnt like this mix that much either, i prefer the 2010 mix, the tunes there sounded and epic and in this one theres no tunes that are really something new or very good, just decent tunes on this :(

  • haze said…

    ^ i agree
    Addergebroed – Zodiak was the only track that caught my attention.

  • Evil Tactician said…

    I don’t agree, I really love this mix. But each to their own, that’s the whole point of Tjoonz :)

  • Retro said…


    (Damn, shouting again. :) Nice closing!)

  • Gálvez said…

    Very nice mix, it’s a shame that isn’t splitted that’s why i created a .cue file to split in case that somebody wants … … ;D

  • Tony Schultz said…

    Yea I feel like people now a days just say songs are good without listening to them. They see that Excision made it and automatically download it and start listening to it saying its good. For some reason I dont really like Excision, Datsik, Skrillex is alright but people listen to him way to much.

    I guess im just picky about mah music.

  • telgiN said…

    @Marc D if excision wanted the support he would hav ask for it and not hav put this whole mix on his official youtube page for anybody to download. y do people like you think u have to speak on behalf of the artist. they can speak just fine

  • telgiN said…

    @Tony Schultz i guess ur just one of those fags who hate on music cuz ppl like. y dont u just go bak to listening to metal you “non-conformist” bitch

  • Marc D said…

    For you to troll I need to care first

  • drako660 said…

    dude dis is amazing lolz can it have eny more bass?

  • Shinypenny said…

    this is pretty sick…except the fact that there’s any lil wayne on it. I skip that part.

  • iSkate2Rave said…

    ‘This phuk’n mix is so gnarly and rad’

  • nawbrah said…

    “Skrillex is alright but people listen to him way to much”


  • Tony Schultz said…

    Man people take things way to seriously around here.

    Excision and all them are good but there are way better artists IN MY OPINION. Excision, Skrillex, and Datsik are some HUGE names in Dubstep but I just don’t see why when there are other artists pumping out way better stuff. I DO like Excision, Datsik, and Skrillex I don’t hate on them because they are popular. I am just saying that when so and so releases a song I feel like its more of a popularity contest at some point. There are some songs that I hate but I feel like just because *some famous artist* made it everyone just listens to it.

    Take Datsik – Firepower for example. I just don’t see how anyone can like that hi pitched ringing sound, yet it has over 2million views. But the song King Kong by Datsik I love and I the most views it has on youtube is 146,000. Just putting my thoughts down since it IS a comment section. Dont have to get mean about it man. Troll harder 0/10

  • jericho said…

    what’s the name of the song at 22:00

  • Ben said…

    Nuff said

  • Shannon said…

    YAY Excision Shambhala!! Cant wait for 2012!

  • room2RAVGE said…

    dopest dope ive ever expierenced

  • smithy said…

    MY BRAIN IS JIZZING!!!!!!!$$#

  • adsf said…

    eargasm right there

  • Maksimchik said…

    Я хочу скачать все темы, но отдельно и полные! Как это сделать???

  • Edward Luna said…

    EXCISION is the shiIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ke3p it uP

  • smithy said…

    fuck ya exciosn is the fucking sht!!!!!!!

  • luca said…

    greetings from Germany excision you are the best

  • Darkrai said…

    I LOVE THIS MIX SOOOOOOOOO MUCH xD can’t stop listening to it O.o

  • krome-star said…

    ça déchire tout :=)

  • sk8erpunk42083 said…

    Fuckn nasty

  • lukebartels247 said…

    sweeeets mate fuckin amazing i want the djs babies hahaha fucking awsome! stuffed with dirty ass basslines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • earuption said…

    Excision has been my favourite for the many years its been compiled with the greatest beats of the world and it never gets boring and to all those h8rs out there you don’t know ’til you flow

  • Dub1994 said…


  • Qtworth123 said…

    Can’t wait for 2012!!! :D

  • wolfboy said…

    excision rules :P

  • djluilu said…

    I pissed myself just looking at the coverart!

  • madman7 said…

    hey man, i really like your mixing, aswell as your new tracks
    i was wondering, when will there be a shambala 2012? :o

    BIG UPS from Belgium!!!

  • Marc D said…

    There will be a Shambhala 2012, check out

  • Syb said…


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