Bassment Mix Drug Dealer

May 9, 2012
192 kbps
86 MB
Marc D

This mix was released by Drug Dealer because his gig got cancelled. It's an hour-long mixtape and all work is by Drug Dealer himself.

All tracks by Drug Dealer. Go check him out. Hell, someone give this guy a label!

my set tonight at a party was cancelled, so i’m releasing it as a mix

~Drug Dealer

  1. Talk to Frank
  2. Ace of Bass – All That She Wants (Drug Dealer Remix)
  3. Slum Whore
  4. Under
  5. (untitled dance track WIP)
  6. Slum lord
  7. (untitled WIP brokenstep)
  8. Circumflex
  9. Get fucked up (WIP)
  10. Loudness Ward (WIP)
  11. Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You (Drug Dealer Remix)
  12. Uppercrust (WIP)

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This mix has 3 comments

  • kaligoman said…

    I like it, I like it a lot!

  • westicles said…

    Would have been a dope party

  • s0u1hun73r said…

    Love it!!!!

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