Scream 2011 DJ Jericho

Jan 10, 2012
192 kbps
93 MB
Marc D

DJ Jericho had a little something left for 2011. We're a little overdue posting this but as soon as you put this on you've forgotten about it.

  1. Hypster – The Uprising (Original Mix)
  2. Porter Robinson – Unison (Original Mix)
  3. Spencer & Hill – One Touch Away (DallasK Remix)
  4. Dubsidia – Kill Humans (DirtyLoud Remix)
  5. Boltan – Creepy (Mightyfools Remix)
  6. Fast Foot, MC Freeflow – Solid Drop (Original Mix)
  7. Spangled Ballet, MC Cyanide – Headbang (Original Mix)
  8. Frederik Olufsen – Yet Another Sax Thing (King Kornelius Remix)
  9. TJR, Sue Cho, Nom De Strip – My Life (Original Mix)
  10. Rusko – Everyday (DEFEP Remix)
  11. Chrizz Luvly – Xxxperience (Original Mix)
  12. Dada Life – Happy Violence (Vodge Diper Remix)
  13. Far Too Loud – Wake up LA (Original Mix)
  14. Reepr – Jack O Slasher (Original Mix)
  15. Afuno – The Dead Are Walking (Original Mix)
  16. King Kornelius – It’s Time To Die! (Shepherd Mix)
  17. Figure – Beetlejuice (Drumstep Mix)
  18. Figure – This is Halloween

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This mix has 8 comments

  • djbigtime said…

    dude go tot hand it to you what you did there is pretty f$#%ing sick i love and alot of my friends love it too

  • djbigtime said…

    it was just what i was looking for some dark beats… thanks

  • Jericho said…

    nice , thanks for the listen

  • burgah said…

    Solid collection of tunes here.

  • Freak said…

    awesome sauce and five buckets!!

  • JRees1992 said…

    this is CLASS

  • Simbolik said…

    wow nice one :D

  • Pure said…

    decent selection, but its hard to endure it without adding any light tracks

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