BoodangEssentials DJ Jericho

Mar 20, 2012
192 kbps
100 MB

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  1. Flatland Funk & Filthy Rehab – The Boodang Bounce (Original Mix)
  2. DJ Timeline – DunDun (Frowin Von Boyen Remix)
  3. TJR & DJ Gant-Man – Juke It (Dub Mix)
  4. Rebecca & Fiona – If She Was Away (Style of Eye ‘If She Was a Rave Remix)
  5. Alex Kidd (USA) – Do That Dance (Original Mix)
  6. Reepr – Eye Candy (Demon Groove Remix)
  7. Revolvr – The Beat Goes On (Original Mix)
  8. Zoolanda – Detroit Bass (Original Mix)
  9. Far Too Loud – Megaloud (Original Mix)
  10. Defunct! – Fokkin Lekker (Original Mix)
  11. Lucky Date – Six 16 (Original Mix)
  12. TJR Feat. Whiskey Pete – Face Melt (Original Mix)
  13. Zuri – The Moon Disappeared (FTampa Remix)
  14. Afrojack & R3hab – Prutataaa (Darth & Vader Remix)
  15. Freakhouze – World In Your Eyes (Alex Mind Remix)
  16. Chasin’ Somebody I Used to Know (Henry Fong and NYMZ Mashup)
  17. Sidney Samson feat. Lil Jon – Mutate (Joker Incs Mutated Spaceman Bootleg)
  18. Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix)

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This mix has 10 comments

  • rL said…

    This mix caught me unprepared. Two days ago, the CD player in my car chose this track at random in “shuffle” mode on my way home from work. Immediately as it began playing, I shat bricks. This phenomenon is not uncommon with mixtapes by DJ Jericho. Typically, however, after shitting a brick or two, one can continue listening to the beeps, bleeps, drops, and sexually suggestive vocals in relative comfort.

    In this instance, however, the BoodangEssentials mix has caused me to shit bricks uncontrollably. By the time I’ve arrived home, most of my car’s trunk, the front seat, as well as some of the back seat were covered with premium, construction-grade bricks. As long as the mix kept playing, the bricks just kept on coming. It was a brickstorm.

    Quickly realizing the potential trapped in this mix, I’ve equipped myself with a portable MP3 player and a pair of earphones, and configured it to play this mix in repeat endlessly. By sundown, I’ve had a sufficient quantity of bricks to construct a 2.5br, 2 bathroom villa on a plot of land I’ve acquired with the proceedings of selling the excess bricks to a local DIY store the following morning. I moved in the same afternoon.

    This in turn allowed me to sell my previous apartment, and make an early repayment on my mortgage at a considerable discount of the full projected cost including interest. The prepayment has caused the bank to adjust the projected value of their mortgage portfolio, which influenced the valuation of all CDOs into which my mortgage was factored. Subsequently, the value of several REIT ETFs has fallen by a small amount which was sufficient to trigger several high speed algorithmic trading platforms of investment banks into panic mode, causing a massive sell-off of REIT ETFs, which quickly spread to other securities, bonds, and even some commodities.

    As you very well know, the DJIA is down 1.45% in the past three days.

    Fuck you, DJ Jericho, for fucking up the global economy. Fuck you.

    P.S. I would stay away from investing in construction material suppliers in the foreseeable future, even after 56 listens, this mix still rocks.

  • Jericho said…

    lol dont know what to say

  • kn said…

    dont lie jerry, you wrote that yourself, or got shyla to hahahaha

  • Fiendish_Tendencies said…

    Why can’t I download it!! oh no… I want to shitbricks!

  • D_Dizzie_Dragon said…

    Flatland Funk, Far Too Loud. Hellz Yeah!!! Huge 2 big thumbs up & more bricks out!!! Also what are the chances you’ll come play Connect 17?

  • Jericho said…

    hey i’ve heard of Connect, its in August?

  • D_Dizzie_Dragon said…

    it will be Aug 3,4, &, 5 this year its also the Aug long weekend.

  • Jericho said…

    ahh ill be in Kelowna on vacation during that time

  • D_Dizzie_Dragon said…

    boooerns lol vacation the other direction j/k, look forward to hearing more from you, keep up the great work!!

  • Sam Hell said…

    Eargasm in Brickstyle DeLuxe…man, it´s a masterpiece.

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