DirtyAngel Within Vol. 2 DirtyAngel

Aug 13, 2011
320 kbps
165 MB
Marc D

Another episode of DirtyAngel Within. Some smooth trance beats for just over an hour long.

  1. Air Liquide – If there was no gravity
  2. Garry Heaney – Rockstar Daft
  3. Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate s Back 2 The Future remix)
  4. Nuera – Green Cape Sunset
  5. Mistigris – Sunshine
  6. Soarsweep – Madarika Beach
  7. Santerna – Fraction Blaze (Des McMahon Remix)
  8. Narayana – Noe Grus (Original Mix)
  9. Nitrous Oxide – Downforce (Orient Mix)
  10. Abstract Vision und Elite Electronic – Horizons
  11. Daniel Kandi – Promised (Emotional Mix)
  12. DJ Shog – Another World Part 2 (Shogs2faces Mix)
  13. Nitrous Oxide – Waves (Original Mix)
  14. Dj Tiesto – Adagio 4 Strings

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This mix has 7 comments

  • D_Dizzie_Dragon said…

    I love the 1st track on this set!! the rest is good too!!

  • Bates said…

    Hey, Bates here, Dirty, amazing mix, really really enjoyed it. It has a very good feel to it, like it feels soft but at the same time it’s all so in your face, definitely downloaded!! Keep it up :D

  • Dirtyangel Iwish said…

    Hallu Bates! Durty here ;)
    *there was no gravity*
    Thanks so much to have appreciated my mix!
    The captain wishes you a pleasant journey :D

  • Dirtyangel Iwish said…

    D_Dizzie Dragon!

    yuss the first one i love it <3
    always in my pocket from a long time!
    TY so much and have good SoUnD ;)

  • Tony Schultz said…

    This is such a beautiful mix. All the songs go together so well and its so soft its just like your on the love swan rides. It has a nice beat, speed, to it and it keeps it up throughout the whole thing.


  • Dirtyangel Iwish said…

    owwwh Tony tysm ;)
    enjoy your love boat!

  • Sam Hell said…

    …a wide smile…like drifting through Angel´s Neuschwanstein, under the constant breeze of the Horsehead Nebula airstream…

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