DirtyAngel Within Vol. 1 DirtyAngel

Jul 4, 2011
320 kbps
234 MB
Marc D

Download DirtyAngel Within Volume 1 and many more progressive house, electro, fidget and groove at Tjoonz.com!

Recorded Live Mix-Show of Progressive Tjoonz!


  1. Adam K & Soha – Twilight (Original Mix Revisited)
  2. Andrey Vakulenko – Faith (Novu5 Instrumental Remix)
  3. Beltek – Playmaker (Passenger 10 Remix)
  4. Deadmau5 – Alone With You (Original Mix)
  5. Deadmau5 – Brazil (Second Edit)
  6. Dousk – Blender (Original Mix)
  7. George Morel And Spj – Lets Take Drugs (Original Mix)
  8. Heavy Rotation – Run For Your Life (Diamond Cut Instrumental)
  9. Jay Kay – Twist (Original Mix)
  10. John Dahlback – Blink (Extended Mix)
  11. Kings of Dubfire – Roadkilly (Marco Machiavelli Bootleg)
  12. Kismet – Staten Island (Original Mix)
  13. Maurel Del Principe – Sound (Nick Terranova Remix)
  14. Jak Jaxon – Midnight Skank (Robo Cut)
  15. Monogato – Skunk (Original Mix)
  16. Murtagh and David – My Only Weakness (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
  17. R – Tem – Touch (Original Mix)
  18. Sander Van Doorn Feat. Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
  19. Sans Souci – Globus
  20. Sydney Blu – Give It Up For Me (Original Mix)
  21. Thomas Schwartz – Twilight On Mars (Original Mix)
  22. Ghost in the shell – Innocence

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This mix has 8 comments

  • Bates said…

    Marc.. this has already been posted. “DirtyAngel – Calling LED” is the exact same mix as this one. Not a big deal but I can remember listening to Calling LED – it was one of the first mixes I heard on Tjoonz.

  • Marc D said…

    Hm. Artists who have passed a couple of mixes aren’t quality checked anymore (our quality checking takes loads of time…), so I did not notice this (but I hear 10 new mixes every week).

    Are you 100% sure? This mix has been run through Logic, but I wasn’t aware he simply used an old mix for that. :(

  • Bates said…

    Taking a look at the tracklist, it’s also completely off by the sounds of it, there are tracks I recognize in here (like an instrumental version of Alexis Jordan’s “Happiness”) that aren’t on it. Maybe there’s been a mix up with files? I could be wrong, because the first track Twilight is indeed correct..

  • Marc D said…

    I’ll poke him.

  • Joé said…

    Nice progessive set, perfect to listen at work :P

  • Dirtyangel Iwish said…

    I’m sorry for this … answering questions posed by Bates!
    True…was posted another mix-show which contained some of these tracks and it is “CALLING LED” of course!
    WITHIN Vol.1 contains many other tracks….
    If this is not possible you can also delete one of two … I’m sorry for the inconvenience!
    about the second question… tracklist.. I just wanna say to Bates that this is a mix-show recorded live… Track list is correct but mixed well with other tunes to..
    …are the magical powers of any Dj… nothing more *winkS*

  • Dirtyangel Iwish said…

    PS: Alexis Jordan??
    She’s not in.. Alexis Jordan sang on a track of Deadmau5 called Brazil of 2008 ;)


  • Sam Hell said…

    Perfect to a listening chill out…

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