Dubsteblog Special Mixtape 2011 Dirty Little Toaster

Jun 12, 2011
256 kbps
59 MB
Marc D

Nice 30-minute dubstep mixtape by Dirty Little Toaster from Dubsteblog. Make sure to check the blog and DLT's Facebook fan page!


~Dirty Little Toaster

  1. Ephixa – Lost Woods
  2. Mt. Eden – Sierra Leone (Getter Remix)
  3. T-vicious – Give Me What I Want (Helicopter Showdown Remix)
  4. DJ Fresh – Louder feat Sian Evans (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix)
  5. Chromeo – Night by night (Neus Dubstep Remix)
  6. Skrillex ft. 12th Planet – Needed Change
  7. Excision & Downlink – Existence VIP
  8. Jantsen – Sultan of Swing
  9. Bukez Finezt – The Bunch
  10. Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon (Getter Remix)
  11. Shekel – Total Fuckin War
  12. The Juggernaut feat Getter – Grindhouse
  13. Borgore – Gloryhole
  14. Virus Syndicate – Talk To Frank
  15. Liquid Stranger & Sluggo – Stalkers VIP
  16. Getter & Sluggo – In Cold Blood
  17. Bare & Muffler – Bloodsport
  18. Bare & Symbl ft. Messinian – Bad Habit
  19. Adroa & Ajapai – Decimation
  20. Ajapai – Brains
  21. Oblivion ft. Ashley Merges – Bassfreq
  22. Skrillex – Ruffneck Bass (Full Flex)

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This mix has 12 comments

  • Dayton said…

    Thats wet and nasty. love it.

  • DubDoctor said…

    hey dayton ima play this at my party on friday just because of the first song.

  • J DUBs said…

    WOW! i cant listen to track on the website anymore so i’ll always download what people comment on and dubdoctor i agree that first song is soooooo sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this mix and i’ve only heard five mins!

  • AKi9 said…

    It starts with an awesome track! Ephixa FTW!

  • Ronan said…


  • zachh said…

    I love it!

  • DIRTY FLIRT said…

    BOOOOOOOMMMMMM…. this mix is INSANE!!!!!

    See you on the dancefloor!!!


  • th3chainrule said…

    Filthy!!!!!111one one shift+1

  • Kyle said…


    This tingles my childhood in the best vibal ways!

  • Dirty Little Toaster said…

    Big up to all of you :)
    i didnt expect so much positive feedback…expect more and better mixes soon :)

  • DJbiggysmallz said…

    hell yeah love this mix

  • dusten said…

    this is a sick ass beat

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