Everything You Want Mixtape Dirty Flirt

Mar 26, 2011
256 kbps
132 MB
Marc D

This is the very first mix from Dirty Flirt, it’s a banger so be careful you don't dance holes in the floor! This electro mix has Everything You Want.

This is the very first mix from Dirty Flirt, it’s a banger so be careful you don’t dance holes in the floor! ;) Please visit Dirty Flirt on Facebook and keep up with Dirty Flirt… downloading new mixes, original tracks, remixes or even to see when Dirty Flirt will be playing @ a club or event near you!

If you dig mixes PLEASE help spread the Dirty word! :)

~Dirty Flirt

  1. Everythign You Want Intro
  2. Green Velvet – Turn It Up feat. Santiago & Bushido – Original Mix
  3. Alex Peace, Inphinity, Kalendr – Weekend Warriors feat. Alex Peace – Original Mix
  4. Lazy Rich – Discofukkr Calvertron Vs Curtis B Rerub)
  5. Justice vs. Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica Are Your Friends (Steve Camp Mashup)
  6. Sporty O – Booty Jiggle (Aniki Remix)
  7. Antrack – Sound Like This (Original Mix)
  8. AK1200 – Drowning (Curtis B Remix)
  9. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Original Mix)
  10. Green Velvet – La La Land (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
  11. Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Ladder (Brendos Make It Hard Mash Up)
  12. DJ Kue – Bust This! (DJ Kue’s Ghostbusters Main Theme Remake)
  13. Will Bailey – Warhead (Original Mix)
  14. Gigi Barocco & Vengance – Me and My Bitch (Original Mix)
  15. The Squatters – Monster (Rolvario Remix)
  16. Rihanna – Rude Boy (Filthy Rehab’s Rude Boot)
  17. Santiago & Bushido Feat. HiJack – Puttin It Down
  18. Punk Rolla – Grapevine
  19. Incredible Melting Man vs. Snoop & Dre – Next Episode (Bootleg)
  20. Hijack Vs Hatiras – Possessed By A Bitch (JLR Mashapella)
  21. Milner – Freak Nasty

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This mix has 18 comments

  • D_Dizzie_Dragon said…

    There are now holes in the floor of our house after listening to this.

  • Dirty Flirt said…

    thanks for the love!!! glad u dig the mix!!!


  • NVA-E-NUFF said…

    dood this mix is sick love the dirty basslines mixed with the fidget/wobble feel. :D

  • justin said…

    first five minutes sounds epic! but for some reason it wont play the rest of the track…. :( but whatev ill just download it and jam it all day long hahaha :)

  • Dirty Flirt said…

    @ NVA-E-NUFF – I was BOUNCIN to ur mix the other day too… Urs is slammin!!! Such a compliment coming from you! Thanks a billion!

    @ Justin – I deff hope you get to jam to the rest! The whole mis is good and I’m sure it won’t disapoint you! Thanks for the love and I hope you’ll hekp spread the wrod!

  • Just another DJ said…

    Nice tracklist… Honestly, I wasn’t feelin’ this set. Anyone can mash 21 songs together and call it a set, it’s just that easy. The art of DJing is much more complicated, you need to be unique, otherwise you’re just another DJ. Sad but true. The only thing going for you is song choice, which is a killer tracklist. But, you need to add a few remix’s of your own. What I want you to do, is make me wanna come back for more. You got skill, you got flow, and you got the name. Make me come back for more damnet!

  • Marc D said…

    Gotta love the contradictions in comment #6

  • Dirty Flirt said…

    @ Just another DJ (comment #6).
    Thanks for the input; I guess you can’t please everyone.

  • NVA-E-NUFF said…

    wobble wobble wobble jack jack jack alllll daayyyyyyy

  • NVA-E-NUFF said…

    yo i tried to e mail you but it didn’t work!!! hmu douglasswo@sbcglobal.net

  • Dirty Flirt said…

    Yo NVA ill shoot u an emial now! BOUNCE!!!

  • NVA-E-NUFF said…

    yeee dawwgg i just added you on fb. Doug Whittlesey. hmu on there im much easier to contact

  • CK said…

    Very nice mix!
    Hope to see more……. soon !!!!!

  • DIRTY FLIRT said…


  • Karina said…

    One of my favorite mix cds of all time……thanks to me for introducing you to the first track;) lol Killer mix my 2 year old was rocking out to it too

  • Project Leaf said…

    Amazing! Keep up the Excellent Work! Looking forward to more Mixes!

  • TEKNODIVA said…

    SICK Dirty Deep Hard Bass.. dirty beat!!! LOVE IT!!! Reminds me of Kid Chaos style :)

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