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The Sixth Session Dieselboy

Apr 11, 2015
320 kbps
147 MB

Classic Dieselboy mix from 00' that help put drum & bass on the map for North America.

Originally appearing on the Palm Pictures label back in 2000, “The 6ixth Session” was my best selling mix CD. It features Konflict’s super awesome “The Messiah” which is one of my favorite drum and bass anthems of all time. The amazing graphic design is by Akira Takahashi and showcases 3D modeling of my head from Rene Garcia aka “Hyperform” who went on to do 3D work for the Matrix and Transformers movies. Suffice it to say, I have always been extremely proud of this particular work. It really helped push drum and bass music to a larger audience in North America.


  1. Dieselboy vs. Atlantiq – Initialize
  2. Kemal & Rob Data – The Messiah
  3. Technical Itch – Heavy Metal
  4. Signal to Noise – Nanobugs
  5. Underfire vs. Negative – Bios Fear
  6. Future Cut + Futurebound – Homicide
  7. Usual Suspects – Shrapnel (Stakka & Skynet Remix)
  8. Andy C + Shimon – Firewire
  9. Bad Company – Toxin
  10. Dieselboy – Invid (E-Sassin VIP)
  11. Dieselboy – The Descent (Phunckateck VIP)
  12. Technical Itch – Pusher
  13. Loxy + Dylan – Eclipse
  14. Facs + B-Key – Plimsoul VIP
  15. Teebee – Space Age Remix
  16. Dylan – Dominion
  17. J Majik – Solarize

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