System Upgrade Dieselboy

May 18, 2016
320 kbps
153 MB

It seems Dieselboy can do no wrong. On this, his second mix CD on Moonshine, Dieselboy once again provides us with unrelenting, evil drum & bass madness.

  1. Dieselboy – Loading Program
  2. Ram Trilogy – Mindscan (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)
  3. E-Sassin – Symptom
  4. Hive – Ultrasonic Sound (Dillinja Remix)
  5. Biostacis – Brain Hack
  6. Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me
  7. Decoder – Road Rage
  8. Future Cut – Overload
  9. Kemal & Rob Data – Konspiracy (VIP)
  10. Stakka & Skynet – Side Effects
  11. Dieselboy – The Descent (Decoder Remix)
  12. Jonny L – Selecta
  13. Decoder – Dumb
  14. Facs & B-Key – Antics
  15. Technical Itch – Deadline
  16. Bad Company – Sentient
  17. Absolute Zero – The Code (Usual Suspects VIP)

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  • Silk Montel said…

    I love me some Drum & Bass, but I seen Dieselboy and Downlink at Club Beta here in Denver, CO. and the only thing they did that was unsatisfactory was at the end of the show they threw up an inverted pentacle. Not just ANY inverted pentacle, the same Pentacle that you can find on Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible. Now if you are experienced with this kind of stuff you would know that throwing up such a sign is uncalled for… anyways, FUCKING AWESOME SHOW.

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