Nightlight Mix Daylight Roots

Feb 17, 2012
320 kbps
140 MB
Marc D

Daylight Roots produce and mix funky mid-tempo crunk. 'Purple' music as I like to call it. Stuff like Glitch-Hop, Breaks and some Drumstep to top it off.

  1. Daylight Roots – Daylight Roots Intro ft Matt & Kim vs K-Mo Gangsafunk
  2. Daylight Roots – AppleButt
  3. Kimbra – Settle Down (K-Mo Remix)
  4. Deep Strut – Tape Rock (Daylight Roots Edit)
  5. Dev – Bass Down Low (Daylight Roots Remix)
  6. Daylight Roots – Legit Land
  7. KOAN Sound – Mr. Brown
  8. Juvenile Billy ft. ODB & Kanye – Respect My Mind (Daylight Roots Remix)
  9. FrogBro$ (Ft. Svyable) – Going Hard (Daylight Roots Edit)
  10. Push Play – Teach Me How To Jerk (Adventure Club Drumstep Remix)
  11. Operation Ivy – Take Warning (Daylight Roots Remix)
  12. Bleep Bloop – White Owl Golden Gate (Daylight Roots Edit)
  13. Pinkybearthuggin – San Francisco (Daylight Roots Edit)
  14. Figure – Have You Fucked Up (Punks Get Jumped)
  15. Omega – To Be (JFB Remix) (Daylight Roots Edit)
  16. Eazy-E – Real Muthaphuckkin Gs (Daylight Roots Remix)
  17. Reggie Watts – Fuck Shit Stack (Daylight Roots Remix)
  18. Nappy Roots – Awnaw (Daylight Roots Remix)
  19. Papa Skunk – Double Lightning RMX (Daylight Roots Edit)
  20. Daylight Roots – Staring At Her Ass
  21. Daylight Roots – Staring At Her Ass (Svyable Remix)
  22. Knight Riderz – Synthetic Seduction
  23. Pharcyde vs Dillon Francis – Passing Me By (Stylust Mashup)
  24. Daylight Roots – Shorty Wanna Wonderwall (Stylust Edit)
  25. Madcon – Beggin (Mike Cash Remix)

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This mix has 4 comments

  • FilthDog said…

    Sick and grimey mix. love it! Very glitchy and original style.

  • Juiced87 said…

    Really great mix!

  • cl3ver said…

    This mix needs many more <3's from the community.

    Such a nasty mix. Can't wait to hear some more from you guys.

  • CK. said…

    Currently this is indeed one of the mixes on with the highest quality! Really enjoy listening this!

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