Apr 12, 2015
320 kbps
71 MB

We are delighted to present our first mixtape from Costa Cadeu. The producer / DJ from St. Petersburg, Russia, displays his talents in this original sounding and very soothing set of his own tunes.

  1. Costa Cadeu – Shakes
  2. Costa Cadeu – What
  3. Costa Cadeu – Alexandra
  4. Costa Cadeu – Tough Hugs
  5. Costa Cadeu – New Track
  6. Costa Cadeu – Sein
  7. Costa Cadeu – Tief
  8. Costa Cadeu – Timestamp
  9. Costa Cadeu – Zelle
  10. Costa Cadeu – K

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This mix has 4 comments

  • rL said…

    This is by far the best fucking thing I’ve heard this year.

  • rL said…

    Had to listen to it again to make sure. It’s now the second best fucking thing I’ve heard this year. The first was when I heard it the first time a couple hours ago.

  • Silk Montel said…

    There should be a genre for Mind Fuck, because that is what this is.

  • Silk Montel said…

    7th time listening to thus mix. Cadeu, you literally made me cry. I hope you feel better, cause I know I do.

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