‘Till Death Do Us Party Bostwikk

Feb 13, 2012
320 kbps
117 MB

Bostwikk, a new DJ on Tjoonz.com. Give him some feedback by clicking on the heart if u like his mix!

This is a live DJ set performed using Native Instruments Traktor 2 and the M-Audio Xponent.

Here’s some of my current favorite filth for you to step to! Throw it on some really loud speakers, crank up the bass, and shake what your mother gave you.

As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks and enjoy :)



  1. Document One – Locked In feat. Maksim (Original Mix)
  2. Rednek – Aggy (Instrumental Mix)
  3. Dirt Monkey – Level Up (Original Mix)
  4. Far Too Loud – Rock That Beat (Original mix)
  5. Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix)
  6. Calvertron, Downlink – Pistons (Original Mix)
  7. Adroa – Launch (Original Mix)
  8. Millions Like Us – Move In Closer (Original Mix)
  9. Tomba – Brace For Impact (Original Mix)
  10. Excision, Downlink – Crowd Control (Original Mix)
  11. Liquid Stranger – Destroy Him My Robots (Original Mix
  12. Tantrum Desire – Pay Your Own Way (Original Mix)
  13. Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire Remix)
  14. Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)
  15. Urban Assault – In The Groove (Drumstep Mix)
  16. Borgore – Delicious (Original Mix)
  17. Tim Ismag – Raw Disco (Original Mix)
  18. Zed’s Dead, The Killabits – Bassmentality (Original Mix)
  19. 12th Planet – Corner Pocket (Original Mix)
  20. BARE – Sucker Punch (Original Mix)
  21. Tremourz – Dog Bite (Original Mix)
  22. Datsik – Bass Face (Original Mix)
  23. xKore – Hello (Original Mix)
  24. Kezwik – Gravity (Original Mix)
  25. Millions Like Us – Broken Souvenirs feat. Sofi (Extended Mix)
  26. Kill The Noise – Dying (Brown & Gammon Remix)
  27. Tonks – Ssab (Original Mix)
  28. Skrillex – Ruffneck Flex
  29. Document One – Rising Higher (Original Mix)
  30. Proxy – Dancing In The Dark (Bare Noize VIP)
  31. Kill The Noise – Kill The Noise (Alvin Risk Remix)

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This mix has 14 comments

  • N-GAUGE, said…

    Nice fuckin mix bro!!

  • Bostwik said…

    Thanks man!

  • dz said…


  • BBSCH said…

    This dropped well, my friend. I enjoyed the line up very much.

  • jonnyblaze said…

    my car thanks u it loves being bass fucked

  • Bostwik said…

    Haha thanks a lot guys! I appreciate the feedback as always! Stay Tjooned for my future mixes ;)

  • Grizwald said…

    Badass man! keep up the good work.

  • TheHooligans said…

    Is that u in the pic?

  • TheHooligans said…

    Oh and very nice mix :)

  • Bostwik said…

    Haha yeah it is. It was a party i threw a while back. And thanks a lot man!

  • TheHooligans said…

    Damm thats a fat party ha. Looks like the one Porter Robinson went to.

  • The dubs of hazard said…

    Great work mate! Killer mix right here!!! Awesome.

  • Bostwik said…

    Thanks alot man! Thanks for listening!

  • djluilu said…

    the sickness

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