Ben Samples – Malbec Continuous Mix ill Ektro

Dec 23, 2011
192 kbps
41 MB
Marc D

Ben Samples' newest album titled 'Malbec' is out now. was allowed to make an exclusive Continuous mix. Listen and download for free!

I’d like to thank Ben Samples for the opportunity to mix his latest album ‘Malbec’ as one continuous mix. If you like it make sure you grab a copy!

~Ill Ektro

  1. Ben Samples – Malbec
  2. Ben Samples – Racing Stripes
  3. Ben Samples – Lumberjack
  4. Ben Samples – Listen To Your Heart
  5. Ben Samples – Disintegrate
  6. Ben Samples – Reach Out
  7. Ben Samples – Dry Creek
  8. Ben Samples – Nicoise
  9. Ben Samples – Locked On
  10. Ben Samples – Corona

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This mix has 5 comments

  • N-GAUGE, said…

    Excellente!!!! Smooth mixx

  • darkrai said…

    i love samples ^.^ nuff said

  • DJYoshee818 said…

    This is nice :}

  • XxCASINO ACExX said…

    Some times when music is so good that you cant stand still, you turn it up. So that way it immobilizes you and melts your brain. Then because you have no brain you turn it up louder, so that the neighbor complains to the police that her yoga students heads all spontaneously exploded. yeah its that good.

  • Retro said…

    This is banging, Marc, banging!

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