Shatstep 2011 Mix Anton Dobbitron

Feb 3, 2011
320 kbps
117 MB
Marc D

Anton Dobbitron presents Shatstep 2011 Mix: a wide spectrum of dubstep from Excision & Datsik to the Knight Riderz and Mershak.

Greetings to everyone at Tjoonz! My name is Anthony Dobbins and I DJ under the alias Anton Dobbitron. Born in Camarillo, CA, my first introduction to EDM was through Drum N Bass while traveling in Germany and over the years my interests progressed to all forms of electronic music; dirty, filthy music especially. Currently a Physics major at UCSB, I perform at house parties throughout Isla Vista with fellow djs mORGASM and RobotEars as the Isla Vista Dubstep Krew. More to come hopefully! :D

Presenting the dirtiest, filthiest mix known to man. Including a wide spectrum of dubstep from Excision & Datsik to the Knight Riderz and Mershak. Hope everyone enjoys!

~Anton Dobbitron

  1. Knight Riderz – Hold On
  2. Freestylers (ft. Ctrl Z) – Ruffneck (Datsik & Excision Remix)
  3. B. Rich (ft. Reese) – Make Me Dance (J. Rabbit Remix)
  4. Skitstep – Check This (ft. Harry Wolfman)
  5. Feed Me – Cloudburn (ft. Tasha Baxter)
  6. Ajapai – Get Down Lay Down
  7. Noisia – Split the Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
  8. Datsik & Excision – Boom (Skism’s Got A Big Boomstick Remix)
  9. Bratkilla – E-Fekt
  10. Foreign Beggars (ft. Noisia) – No Holds Barred (Excision Remix)
  11. Physical – Contact
  12. Dayn – Goliath VIP
  13. Whisker Twister – Join the Fossils
  14. Far Too Loud – Bass Association (Torqux Remix)
  15. Genetix – Squid Attack
  16. Mershak – Charles Bronson
  17. Helicopter Showdown – The Wrestler (ft. Sluggo)
  18. Designer Drugs – Drop Down (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix)
  19. Helicopter Showdown – Beat Down
  20. Whisker Twister – Fucking Cunt
  21. J.O.B. (ft. Anjulie w. MadV & 12th Planet) – Warrior (Trowa Dubstep Remix)
  22. Borgore – Sunsets (ft. Diplo)

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This mix has 6 comments

  • DubDoctor said…

    Thats so dirty, grimey and fucking mind blowing filth

  • zachh said…


  • dmaliciouz said…

    dobbitron dope tracks man. Im living and djing in IV as well. You killed it here mayne. Hit me up on soundcloud dmaliciouz!

  • Anton Dobbitron said…

    Thanks so much for the feedback!!! Lovin how everyone appreciates some filthy, grimey dubstep =D

    dmaliciouz, followin you on soundcloud now. Send me your tracks!

  • thecoopmysta said…

    Bro this is some sick shit, i love it. I look forward to listen to some more of your dubstep. And by the way this is some pritty sweet beans

  • Pitbulbuldozer said…

    OOOOMGGGGG i can’t load it anywhere… here, in facebook, in google this mix is deleted from internet whyyy?? i want to hear it

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